best addiction treatment center in Karachi, Lahore, Murree and Islamabad - Read in UrduA 12 steps program includes treatment principles that enable new routines and behaviors to calm the obsessions relating to alcohol and drug use. 12 steps program has been here for over 80 years now and has changed countless lives. Although it is not a ‘treatment’ per se and does not claim itself to be one, several scientific studies and repeated accounts of successful recovering patients have shown that working on 12 steps results in reduced alcohol and drug intake, leading to abstinence. Given the evidence supporting its efficacy, 12 steps principles are also taught at Sadaqat Clinic to patients receiving psychiatric and addiction treatment.

The backbone of the 12 step program is that alcoholics need to find a higher power, an entity other than their own selves to help them achieve sobriety. 12 steps program teaches that alcohol and other drugs cannot be moderated in alcoholism and drug addiction. Instead, the patient must aim for abstinence, thus validating the disease concept of addiction and alcoholism.

Sponsors also play a significant role in this program. They are established members, enjoying sobriety for a substantial period of time, and have applied the 12 steps to their own lives. Sponsors mentor other members, especially newcomers, and give them advice and support.

12 steps program also believes that alcoholism and drug addiction are never cured. Once they are present, drugs and alcohol can never be used safely again. Instead, recovery and sobriety are the only ways of living a healthy life. Many members who subscribe to this program remain in recovery for several years and they do so by regularly working the 12 steps program and attending 12 steps meetings and groups.
best addiction treatment center in Karachi, Lahore, Murree and Islamabad - Read in Urdu

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