best addiction treatment center in Karachi, Lahore, Murree and Islamabad - Read in UrduIn keeping with its reputation as the best psychiatric and addiction treatment centre in Karachi, Islamabad, and Murree, Sadaqat Clinic coaches families on how to help themselves and their loved ones, using evidence-based rehabilitation approaches.

The biggest barrier in accessing psychiatric and addiction treatment in a timely manner, is the patient’s denial. Besides the patient, his family is often in denial as well and fails to accept that their loved one is suffering from the disease of addiction or a psychiatric illness. Once a family gains insight regarding the disease and its appropriate treatment, they can then take appropriate steps to address it. To ensure best treatment outcomes, professionals at Sadaqat Clinic teach families to refrain from provoking and enabling behaviours that can exacerbate the problem.

What is Enabling?

A patient considers addressing his drug addiction or alcoholism and entering a rehabilitation program for addiction treatment once it begins to take a toll on him and causes him pain and discomfort. However, loved ones tend to enable the patient by preventing any negative consequences that can motivate them to accept treatment. Families may call in to work making excuses for their loved one’s absences, pay off their debts, or lie to relative to save face. This is called enabling.

What is Provoking?

On the other hand, degrading, insulting, and scolding the patient does not motivate them to seek treatment either. Statements such as, “You are a disgrace to our family” or “I should have disowned you” are examples of provoking behaviours. Such provoking behaviours can in fact trigger the patient to drink more or increase their drug intake.

At Sadaqat Clinic, families are trained to take adaptive actions and apply tough love principles rather than exhibiting reactive, enabling or provoking behaviors.
best addiction treatment center in Karachi, Lahore, Murree and Islamabad - Read in Urdu

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