Where can family members go for information on treatment options?

Freeing someone you love from alcohol and other drugs, and trying to locate appropriate treatment, especially finding a program suitable and changeable to an individual’s particular needs, can be a difficult process. Our ability to cope with anything is a function of how much we know about what we are up against. Although you have been living with alcohol and/or drug problems for some time, learning about alcohol and drug addiction is a critical first step. You cannot rely on common sense or popular myths (preaching, complaining, acting like a martyr, dumping the alcohol or drugs). Getting the facts about how alcohol and drugs affect the individual and the family is very important

Sadaqat Clinic provides treatment on the principles of drug addiction treatment throughout its centers in Pakistan. Sadaqat Clinic also helps patients with other mental health issues. We are located in Lahore, Karachi and Murree. You can call us on our UAN: +92-42- 111-111-347.

How can families and friends make a difference in the life of someone needing treatment?

Family and friends can play crucial roles in motivating individuals with drug problems to enter and stay in treatment. This can be achieved through process interventions. Family therapy can also be important, especially for teenagers. Involvement of a family member or significant other in an individual’s treatment program can strengthen and extend treatment benefits.

How do we get more substance abusing people into treatment?

It has been known for many years that the “treatment gap” is very large—that is, among those who need treatment for a substance use disorder, few receive it. Around 4.1 million drug users in Pakistan are thought to be addicted to drugs. 64 per cent of people using a drug or misusing a drug in 2012 qualify as addicted and require specialist treatment for it. Yet, less than 10 percent of affected families seek addiction treatment.

Reducing this gap requires a multipronged approach. Strategies include increasing access to effective treatment, reducing stigma, and raising awareness among both patients and health care professionals of the value of addiction treatment.

How can I get my loved one to commit to treatment?

As much as we would like to help our loved ones and alleviate our own suffering, we cannot force them into treatment except under certain legal circumstances.

Why does my loved one make such bad decisions?

For family members, addiction is often a confusing illness. Addiction is a disease of the brain that greatly impairs decision-making. Self-destruction, dishonesty and irrational behavior are all symptoms of the disease. Often times, those with the disease keep making bad choices, even when they’re losing everything. This is because the illness basically changes brain function, driving a compulsion to use drugs or alcohol. People acting this way are not bad, but very ill and need help.

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