Structured Intervention is the most loving, powerful and successful method yet for helping people accept help. A family intervention can be done with love and respect in a non-confrontational, non-judgmental manner. A family intervention is often the answer, the only answer. It can be done. It can be done now.Family intervention is difficult and delicate matters and it is important that they be done properly. No family intervention should be undertaken without advice and counsel of a professional experienced in the structured intervention.

Sometimes an executives or key employees develop self-destructive habits. This often causes deteriorating public relations, lack of creativity, poor decisions, expensive mistakes, and lack of productivity. It is sometimes costly to let an executive or a key employee go, as finding a good replacement is again ordeal. Perhaps this valued employee, possibly a friend, has served well for many years and now he is in trouble, however, it is not easy for you to let him parish like this. A sane choice is to conduct an intervention into his self-sabotaging behavior and keep him as a valuable employee like ever. Normally, we are caught between two distasteful options. Either we can be honest and attack a senior colleague, or we can be kind and withhold the truth. Either we can disagree with the boss to help make a better choice – and get shot for it – or we can remain quiet, starve the pool, and keep our job. Now would you like to pick your poison? We make these dirty choices because they are always set up as the only two available options. Interventions is the third option. This is a way to be honest and respectful. We can express our candid opinion to our boss and be safe.

When you choose a dirty choice, either you don’t think of a third (and healthy) option – in which case it’s an honest but tragic mistake – or set up the false dichotomy as a way of justifying your unattractive actions. “I ‘m sorry, but I just had to hurt the guy’s career if  I  was to keep my integrity. It wasn’t right, but it was the right thing to do.” After all, if you are simply choosing between fight and flight, you don’t need much creative thought. Intervention is the name of utilizing your creative resources to find a way into the goal post.

A corporate intervention can be used for people engaged in any self-destructive behavior inside or outside of a board rooms: Misplaced loyalty, Creating a bottle-neck, Corruption and embezzlement, Confused entitlements, Indiscipline, Harassment, Broken Promises, Misappropriation of funds, Mood swings, Alcoholism, Gambling, Suicidal behavior and Eating disorders.Interventions with top executives in a corporate or other professional setting is very effective. However, there are many issues unique to interventions conducted in these circumstances. Public relation issues, legal implications, continuing care, return-to-work matters, and disclosure issues can all be extremely delicate. These and other matters must all be handled with extreme care.

Since people embarking on an intervention often feel ambivalent and apprehensive, it is important that they trust the interventionist. Should you ever feel uneasy with your interventionist that you are being asked to do something you do not understand or agree with, you would be wise to ask questions.

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