best addiction treatment center in Karachi, Lahore, Murree and Islamabad - Read in UrduTouch and go meetings are the short meetings between patient and his family that start from day one and go on to the 12th day of inpatient/indoor psychiatric and addiction treatment at Sadaqat Clinic. Touch and go meetings are a component of the best rehabilitation treatment in Karachi, Islamabad, and Murree because they aim at gaining family’s confidence in the addiction and psychiatric treatment, keep patient from developing any resentments towards his family, and rebuild his or her rapport and compliance with family. Counsellors instruct families on the protocol of touch and go meetings, especially since they are conducted while the patient is still experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Protocols of Touch and Go Meetings
Touch and go meetings are about 5 minutes long in duration. Visitors must speak directly to the patient, under the supervision of counsellors. Counsellors do not speak during this time, but they can intervene if needed. Least dependent person of the family is recommended to lead the meeting. Prior to the meeting, visitors are instructed to avoid asking any ‘dirty questions.’ These can include, “How are you?” or “How is the treatment going?” or “Do you get any food here?” Instead, visitors are encouraged to convey to their loved one that they are looking better now and that it is appreciable that they have not taken any alcohol or drugs for however many hours/days.

Families must also avoid sitting down with the patient during the meeting. Any physical contact with the patient is also instructed against. If the patient communicates any concern regarding the inpatient/indoor addiction or psychiatric treatment, family should encourage him to express that concern directly to his counsellors. If the patient tries to secretly give a letter or a note to the family, family members must pass it on to the counsellor.

Most Common Statements from the Patient in Treatment:
· When will you take me home?
· I promise I will never do drugs again
· I am fine now and all my problems have been resolved
· They do not treat me well here
· The food is not good here
· I am missing out on my studies/work
· You will lose me forever if you keep me here
· You are punishing me by keeping me here
· What have you told my friends about my whereabouts?
· I will harm myself if you don’t take me home
· You are punishing me by keeping me here

To ensure best outcomes of touch and go meetings, families should present themselves in a calm and composed manner and comply to instructions provided by the patient’s counsellors. Touch and go meetings are a significant component of an effective psychiatric and addiction treatment, available at Sadaqat Clinic.
best addiction treatment center in Karachi, Lahore, Murree and Islamabad - Read in Urdu

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