Comprehensive treatment, interventions, training and dissemination of drug and informational materials are the hallmarks of authenticity clinics. It is possible that one of your loved ones has returned unsuccessfully from a drug treatment center and the disease is still present. It is also possible that after successful treatment he has started using drugs again. Usually after treatment the family and friends of the drug addicts lose faith in the effectiveness of the treatment but please do not despair. Come to the authenticity clinic! We will restore your confidence.

Sadaqat Clinic Distinction

If you want to meet our satisfied clients, if you want to test us yourself at the highest quality, it will be a great start to pave the way for a good treatment. You have some tangled questions in your mind, so come and ask, we will solve all your problems get rid of Addiction.


Once you learn the interventions, you will be able to bring your loved one to treatment without any pressure. Patients who voluntarily seek treatment undergo the treatment in the open air, and their families meet freely. Get training today, persuade the patient to treat, adopt meaningful treatment. Brighten the future of your loved one.

Starting Point

For the past several decades, people from all over the world have been coming to Pakistan for rehabilitation from drug addiction and Sadaqat Clinic has been the starting point for the rehabilitation of these families. Our dream is the same as yours. This is the same dream that Dr. Sadaqat Ali, the founder of Sadaqat Clinic, had in 1980, and today more than 60 doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors of Sadaqat Clinic are embarrassingly interpreting it.