Recognize False Beliefs & Harmful Attitudes

The more you focus on prematurely strengthening yourself against sludge, the more you will be protected from sludge. First of all, you will not face sludge at all and if you do, the severity of sludge will decrease. Conditions that because you to have symptoms of salivation include not taking care of yourself and not paying attention to the rehabilitation program. If you want to recover from a relapse without relapse, you need to be aware of and manage stressful situations in your life. Where stress can increase your risk of salivation. There, quick and effective strategies break the cycle. Since you certainly can’t prevent salmon-like conditions from occurring, you need to learn effective ways to deal with them as a precaution.

Circumstances do not make your recovery dysfunctional but your inappropriate response to these conditions creates problems for you. And your reaction is also inappropriate because you didn’t prepare and you suddenly fall into the trap of slag. Stress triggers the onset of salivary glands, and stress exacerbates it if there are already salivary glands. Therefore, we can say that by learning how to deal with stress, Sulgan can be finally controlled. Here are four attitudes that are very helpful in dealing with Sulgan. If you focus on these four golden attitudes and master them, then we can say with great confidence that you have a long way to go in dealing with Sulgan. Have to Keep your curiosity for a few lines to know what these golden attitudes are and read Waheed’s story for now.

Waheed’s Alternative Activities

On the doctor’s advice, Waheed decided to take some alternative activities so that his reaction would be normal. Instead of coffee, he started eating fruit as soon as he woke up in the morning, especially because he liked cold watermelon very much. That made some sense. He also decided to try breakfast. For a long time he had never eaten breakfast. He did not like to eat anything in the morning. Tea, coffee and cigarettes, just the beginning of his day. He had made up his mind to change. Two slices of brown bread, two eggs and a cup of sugar-free tea in daily changing forms, it was a delicious breakfast for him.

That helped him even more. Waheed and Akbar started drinking coffee without caffeine and stopped eating pastries. He hurried back home to eat and started some exercise. The important thing was that instead of going to the gym for two hours to relax, he spread the exercise lightly for almost the entire day. Exercise several times a day, but not more than three minutes at a time. Then he wanted to spend the afternoon with his family. Avoiding fatigue was a special part of his life. He began to take small turns at rest and work. It was a thing of the past for him to get angry at the slightest thing when he came home.

First Aid For Salvage

Come on! Now, we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. These four canals are also called halt programs. The word HALT helps to deal with slugs.

H stands for Hungry.
A means Angry.
L means Lonely
T means Tired.

Experts say that you should try your best to avoid hunger, anger, loneliness and fatigue in case of burning. Those who get rid of the sludge say that those who take care of their basic needs get rid of the relapses. Just knowing that you are taking care of your food and drink, controlling your anger and negative emotions, living with others, and working together if you are going through the clutches of drugs, remember both periods. You will know that in those days you did not pay the slightest attention to your needs. The key to recovery is to turn both of these attitudes 180 degrees. Let’s see what idol Aslam is to you.

The Following Tips are Also Helpful For Controlling Salinity

Do as much as you can. Express what you are thinking, what you are feeling, even the things that you feel are baseless and useless. Start talking to people who make a mountain of rye, not a mountain of rye.

Ask someone if what you say, your behavior, and what you are doing is right. The reality may be very different as you look at things.

Learn as much as you can about the symptoms of addiction, rehabilitation, and salvage. This helps a lot in reducing anxiety, guilt, and confusion.

Exercise helps reduce health and stress. Exercise produces in your brain the chemicals that make you feel good. Dancing would also be considered an exercise, provided it is a bhangra type of dance.

What you eat has a lot to do with stress. Your diet affects your ability to cope with the symptoms of salivary glands. New eating habits need to be adopted. You should avoid sweet pills, sweets, tea, coffee, beverages. These things cause your body to react like fear or excitement.

Hunger creates stress. Arrange your meal times in such a way that you do not have to skip any meals and you should also eat three light snacks between the basic meals.

You can buy a book or cassette for relaxation exercises. Now there are audio programs with soothing music, such programs you can find at Sadaqat Clinic. Such audio programs can be tailored to your needs.

Live a balanced life. A balanced life is a life in which there is a balance of physical, psychological, and social balance. Strong social bonds are needed for a balanced lifestyle.

Spirituality is the name of your practical relationship with an entity that transcends itself, which gives purpose and meaning to your life. When you follow a spiritual program, you consciously and practically strive to be above yourself Become part of an entity.

Apologize and compensate for the damage done to the family. Where compensation is not possible, change your attitudes, especially to improve the methods and prioritize their satisfaction.

Allah Almighty is your master and creator, He is the one who drives the car of your life. Thanks to him, today you are free from the bondage of drugs, but you still have to get rid of the imaginary chains of drugs. Every freedom comes at one point and demands a test of courage. It is better to make conscious contact with God Almighty in the morning and evening and seek guidance in every matter, then decide in the light of this “exchange of ideas” what things you have to keep in your life and what things are out of your daily routine.

Waheed’s Story

“It had been almost six months since I quit drugs, but Waheed still found it more difficult than usual to remember things. Sometimes he would become more irritable and anxious. Most of his ups and downs were with Akbar. Akbar and he used to drink coffee together every day, eat sweet pastries, smoke cigarettes and talk a lot. Waheed would stay there till noon, then when he would return home and eat, it would be two o’clock in the morning. At home, he would feel a strong reaction to the slightest thing and his heart wanted to leave the house.

Aslam’s Story

“When I was addicted to heroin, I was completely indifferent to food and drink. In fact, he was so busy that he never paid attention. Dragging yourself out of bed in the morning, worrying about drugs, then lying in remorse, eating abuse, abusing, fighting a fierce battle for drugs, there was no room for food and drink. Now there is no such problem left, now I cook as a hobby, I eat myself and I feed others too. These are the days when anger used to linger on my nose. Just if someone raised a finger, I would go out of my mind, then I would get calm only after getting drunk. I don’t care if I get intoxicated, no matter how much dung someone throws at me. Now you have just returned! Anger is normal.

Someone will get angry, the thing to remember is that no matter how big it is, what Hour will come in the end I don’t need to be out of my mind anymore. I can feel the anger and that’s it. It is enough for me to recognize the anger and to know the reason behind it. Now I don’t have to drink it or spit on people. Everyone knows that loneliness is a thing like ink spread in the call rooms. I remember loneliness was one of the main reasons I was addicted to drugs. I wanted to hear the feeling of loneliness. That’s why I needed drugs. Great! What’s the matter? I got nothing but drugs, I could hide myself from a living person, and I could dump.

The funny thing is, I don’t have to do that anymore. In fact, I now realize that there is a big difference between being alone and being alone. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally with old friends, but now I can get away with loneliness by contacting NA friends. Attending an NA meeting is great. I didn’t care about fatigue in my drunken days. I didn’t even need to rest. I could hear myself intoxicated. Could knock out what a stupid behavior I had. Now I don’t even have to run around tired, I can relax. The intoxicated could have neglected these basic necessities because the false god of intoxication was with me, but now I can only be happy with my care.”