N.A Meetings

When, after proper training, patients are able to lead a healthy, calm, productive and prosperous life without addiction, they are discharged with the emphasis on attending special gatherings of follow-up and rehabilitated patients. These gatherings are called N.A meetings. Patients attend N.A meetings regularly and assist fellow patients.

They participate in rehabilitation programs and are able to give up drugs unconditionally. They consider themselves healthy but addicted because they know they are still not addicted and if they do they will be ruined again. Patients plan to stay away from drugs forever and become a permanent part of the rehabilitation program. It is as if they now take the reins of life in their hands and take the path of consciousness.

Attend N.A Meeting

By attending N.A parties, the patient eventually achieves well-being through interaction with other well-to-do patients. In Pakistan, the treatment is usually considered to be to control the symptoms of relapse, although the real treatment begins after that. Empty treatment is not enough, it is important to protect rehabilitation under the guidance of later rehabilitated patients.

Hyde Park

The patient must attend the N.A meeting after treatment. The N.A meeting is usually a place where patients can meet without fear or danger. They can make noise and make noise where no one can stop them. This place is like “Hyde Park”. At the meeting, the patient is not surprised by what he says, not by the language or the body language, but by the movement of the whole body. As soon as a patient realizes that his or her pain is being understood in an N.A meeting, he or she becomes relaxed and begins to talk to the heart. Where he sees, he begins to speak the language of feeling.

Bright Examples

The bright examples of others are burning in front of him like candles, so he also gets ready to light a candle. After another candle is lit, the light becomes brighter than before. Attendance at the N.A meeting indicates that the patient has become honest with his recovery and that the time has come for him to be happy.