Our Team

Sadaqat clinic team capable of working together in health, research, and education so that we can provide the best quality care to our clients. Sadaqat Clinic is a place where various facilities are provided to indoor and outdoor patients and counseling for change is also provided. In addition to our professional executives, our team consists of psychologists, doctors / medical specialists, counselors, and administrative staff from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Murree. Our services to every client and every patient.


Executives are responsible for developing individual and family-related treatment protocols. Directors ensure that all treatment milestones are reached on time, meeting the needs of patients and clients as well as the professionals who work with them. Executives have redeployed the Sadaqat Clinic with state-of-the-art knowledge about mental health. He assures that modern statistics and principles will be used for rehabilitation health, mental health treatment and drug treatment. They are responsible for everything that happens at the Sadaqat Clinic and they also make sure that quality is always a priority when treating your loved one.


Medical Specialists

Doctors are responsible for taking care of your patient’s daily medication and related tasks. Dr. Sadaqat himself is a Medical Specialist and Team Leader and also involves and supervises the rest of the professionals and physicians and the rest of the team members. Our medical specialists pay close attention to the physical health of patients. In addition to being responsible for medical issues and medications, they also look after patients’ diet and take action accordingly.

Medical Specialists

Psychologists & Counselors

The team of Clinical Psychologists specializes in serving your loved one. Under the supervision of Dr. Sadaqat and the director of the clinic, a team of clinical psychologists is attached to each patient. The team ensures that all treatment goals are achieved on time and that psychotherapy is provided at the individual and family level. They work on basic family and client issues as well as provide supportive therapy. They also assure that all aspects of the disease.

Psychologists & Counselors

Sadaqat Clinic Team

Dr. Sadaqat Ali

Project Director

Taha Sadaqat


Abdur Rehman Sadaqat


Muhammad Mohsin Nawaz

Director PR

Nadeem Iqbal

Director Sadaqat Clinic Karachi

Dr-Ajaz Qureshi

Director Sadaqat Clinic Murree

Yasser Arafat


Anam Saleem

Clinical Psychologist

Misbah Mahboob

Psychologist & Addiction Therapist

Samira Parveen

Clinical Psychologist

Naiza Parvez

Clinical Psychologist