Get Rid of Drug Addiction

Twelve-step program is considered to be the most effective in the world to get rid of drug addiction. The program was introduced in the fourth decade of the last century by an association called Alcohol Anonymous (AA). The association was formed by alcoholics. This is a voluntary organization. No one is forced to join it, yet millions of people get rid of drugs by participating in it. This program offers miraculous rehabilitation gifts for alcoholics.

In 1935, Bill Wilson, a New York stockbroker, got rid of alcohol after years of struggle. From personal experience, Bill Wilson revealed that when drug addicts struggle together, they not only get rid of the drug but also find a wealth of comfort. When Bill Wilson met another addict, Dr. Bob Smith, in his early days of quitting, his craving for drugs lost its intensity. Since then, millions of drug addicts have gone through this experience.

Over a four-year period, bill Wilson and Dr. Bob formed an association of 100 people who had gotten rid of alcohol by following certain relationships and certain principles. In 1939, in a book, they described their experiences of drug addiction and quitting. The name of the book was “alcoholics anonymous”. In this book, the city of drug addiction is presented in twelve steps. An association of alcoholics was then formed under the name alcoholics anonymous. It was founded by bill Wilson and Dr. Bob smith.

Al Anan

As soon as this book was published, many alcoholics started getting rid of this disease. Later, the families of the patients formed their own association in the footsteps of this association which was named “Al Anan”. Then the narcotics addicts formed their association on the same basis and named it “Narcotics Anonymous”. Later, other drug addicts, even those suffering from gambling and obesity, formed their associations on the same principles and prospered. Today, more than a hundred organizations around the world adhere to these principles.

There is no difference in their basic method. As “Narcotics Anonymous” is more active in Pakistan, we will mention the next twelve steps program in this regard. Narcotics anonymity is commonly referred to as “NA”. Anyone who wants to get rid of any addiction can join it. In the NA program, patients not only attend meetings but also follow the twelve steps in their lives. Newcomers make a senior their mentor and also convey the message of the program to patients who are still in the grip of drug addiction.