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Sadaqat Clinic is the best treatment center in Pakistan for the treatment of drug addiction and besides being the best treatment center, Sadaqat Clinic also has the honor of being the first drug treatment center in Pakistan and the treatment center for drug addiction. ۔ Sadaqat Clinic started its regular operations in the late 70’s and this was the time when heroin epidemic was spreading in Pakistan. Responsible for informing that drug addiction is treatable at any stage of the day. Today, the Sadaqat Clinic offers all kinds of drugs whether it be heroin, ice, cocaine, alcohol, marijuana or any non-chemical addiction. Video games are the best treatment center in Pakistan for internet treatment. There are two branches of Sadaqat Clinic, one in Karachi and the other in Murree which are the best treatment centers for drug addiction in their respective cities.

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Treatment…? What? Why? How?

Mental Illness and Addiction

Life After Addiction


Research has shown that the ultimate responsibility for drug addiction lies with the patient because he or she initiated the drug himself. You have never done anything to cause him to have this disease but if you want you can play a full role in getting him out of drugs.

Our Executives

Dr. Sadaqat Ali (Project Director)

Dr Sadaqat Ali is Project Director of Sadaqat Clinic and Willingways. He is a prominent drug expert of the country. His name is the most prominent in the treatment of addiction in Pakistan. After completing his MBBS from Dow Medical College, Karachi, he pursued higher education in addiction treatment from Hazelden, Minnesota, USA. So far, thousands of drug addicts have been cured by him.

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Taha Sadaqat (CEO)

Mr. Taha Sadaqat graduated from Government College, University in 2007. He successfully completed his Bachelor’s degree in Communication, Political Science and English Literature, followed by a Master’s in English Literature. He was also awarded roll of honor by the Government College, university and certificate for outstanding services. He actively participated in extra-curricular activities and had the honor of being a member of Government College, the University’s Senior Club: A group of outstanding students who were involved in the policy making of the University during their time.

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Abdul Rahman Sadaqat (C.O.O)

Mr. Abdul Rehman is Executive Director and Psychologist at Sadaqat Willingways and Sadaqat Clinic. He graduated in Psychology from Beaconhouse National University, Lahore in 2013. He has served as a training psychologist in Fatima Memorial Hospital, Ganga Ram Hospital and Services Hospital. Mr. Abdul Rehman has expertise in communication skills at Willingways and Sadaqat Clinic. He has received expert training in Crucial Conversation from VitalSmart, USA.

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Mohsin Nawaz (Director PR)

Mr. Muhammad Mohsin Nawaz is the Executive PR Director of Willingways and Sadaqat Clinic. He is a true inspiration, possessing a versatile personality, along with great communication skills. A bout of polio at the age of two crippled his legs, followed by another physical challenge at the age of 13 that left him blind, but he never gave up. Instead of Mani, they dominated him and accepted him with full courage and passion.

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Nadeem Iqbal (Director Sadaqat Clinic Karachi)

Nadeem Iqbal works as a director/psychologist at Sadaqat Clinic Karachi. After completing his graduation in Psychology from Islamia University Bahawalpur, he completed Masters in Applied Psychology from the same University in 2009. He belongs to Bhawalingar and during his Masters he did an internship at Fountain House Lahore and later worked there as a psychologist and during his work he also participated in many workshops held at Fountain House Lahore and got a certificate.

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Dr. Ajaz Qureshi (Director Sadaqat Clinic Murree)

Dr. Ajaz Qureshi, graduated from Allama Iqbal Medical College in 1990. Soon after proceeded for higher education to UK and USA. Joined Diabetics Institute of Pakistan, Lahore in 1997. Worked initially as Diabetologist. Later devoted himself as Mental Health Professional and Addiction Treatment Provider at Willing Ways for indoor and outdoor programs. Providing counseling services to clients for Alcohol Use Disorder, Substance Use Disorsers, Non Chemical Addictions, Mood disorders, Thought disorders, Behavioral disorders, OCD, Panic, PTSD, Phobias, Marital discord, Career counseling, Weight Management, Corporate Training, Career Counseling, Executive Skills, Personal Development, Self Esteem Building, Shame healing, Co dependency and Communication Skills. 

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Important FAQs

What is Meant By Drugs?

Narcotics refers to those items “drugs” that have the ability to change the mental states and behaviors of a person. By using them, mental and physical ailments lose their intensity. Each addiction has its own specific behavior. Some drugs calm the mind and some stimulate the mind. Some drugs are pain relievers and some are thought provoking.

Which Drugs Have Been Used in The Subcontinent?

Traditionally, cannabis, hashish, alcohol and opium addiction are common in the subcontinent. The use of cough syrups, sleeping pills and narcotic shots has become dangerous in the last few years. After the 1980s, the heroin epidemic has spread rapidly.

What Kind of People Do Most Drugs?

It has been seen that troubled, normal, happy and all types of people take drugs. Addiction is usually started as a hobby, a habit or a “treat”. The restlessness, addictive atmosphere and its easy availability make it smooth. People use drugs like flowers on both happy and sad occasions.

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