Dr. Sadaqat Ali

(Project Director)

Dr Sadaqat Ali is Project Director of Sadaqat Clinic and Willingways. He is a prominent drug expert of the country. His name is the most prominent in the treatment of addiction in Pakistan. After completing his MBBS from Dow Medical College, Karachi, he pursued higher education in addiction treatment from Hazelden, Minnesota, USA. So far, thousands of drug addicts have been cured by him. In 1992, he made an official visit to America at the invitation of the US ambassador to Pakistan. In which he made a study visit to addiction treatment centers, he was also appointed as an honorary citizen of the United States and an honorary ambassador of the state of Arkansas.

Apart from this, there are a large number of psychologists and counselors who are trained by them and are serving across the country. Dr. Sadaqat Ali has also written many books and pamphlets to spread the word about addiction and is considered the most authoritative on drug addiction and rehabilitation. Given his authority in his field, electronic and print media across the country give his views prominent space in their broadcasts and pages in the form of interviews and opinions.