Problem Solving

Everyone has problems with drugs that leave them and their families helpless. In the group, patients find solutions to drug-related problems and identify themselves in the light of each other’s experiences. In the group, they begin the process of changing their caste. Gradually they are able to recognize their disease and openly admit that they are suffering from drug addiction.

Great Efforts to Quit Drugs

During treatment, two things are seen equally in all drug addicts. One is that they have made great efforts to quit drugs. Second, they have all failed. The real reason for their failure is that they do not see the reality. In these cases, group therapy treatment is especially important. The goal of the group is to get the patient out of delusion and into the real world.

Group Therapy Treatment

Group therapy is very important in the treatment of drug addiction. Negotiations between a dozen patients in the group work to show the mirror. They see a picture of their situation in each other. The counselor acts as an anchor person in group therapy. An experienced counselor knows best how to break a patient’s self-deception. Group therapy is the backbone of all treatments.

The Fight Against Drug Addiction

They learn the art of fighting drug addiction and begin to be responsible people. They clearly know that getting rid of drugs forever is the only way to get rid of this disease. The candles of confidence and hope are lit in their lives. Clouds of anger, remorse, and despair dissipate. The first part of psychiatric treatment is to give the patient so much scientific knowledge about the disease of intoxication that they begin to admit that “yes! I will never be able to use drugs safely because my body has undergone a permanent change that rejects drug use, while my mind is full of thoughts that force me to use drugs. She does. This confrontation leads to destruction. Moreover, whenever I take drugs, I will not be happy, but I will suffer.”

Lifestyle For Quitting Drugs

At the same time, the patient realizes that just as he cannot control drugs, so he cannot control drugs by mere willpower and control. In order to quit, he has to make another big change in his lifestyle and ideology. Only after knowing these facts does the door of drug addiction open as the patient starts taking a real interest in his treatment. The patient’s addiction is based on the belief that his life is incomplete without drugs and that his happiness, peace, rest, and sleep are related to drugs. No human being is the same after being enlightened by the facts. When the patient realizes the need to quit, he is willing to change. Then the path of recovery is shown step by step. In order to get rid of addiction, it is necessary for the patient to undergo a great kind of ideological change. May his philosophy of life change? If his philosophy and lifestyle remained the same and he wanted to recover from his addiction, the two could not co-exist. Restoration wants revolution.

During Treatment Group Therapy

During the treatment group therapy, patients are also introduced to an internationally recognized drug rehabilitation program, a 12-step program that has been in use around the world for the past 80 years and is given special attention in standard clinics. Of particular note are the Twelve Drug Rehabilitation and Drug Prevention Plans.

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