There are different ways of admitting a drug addict to an authentic clinic. This is a very important decision. In which family training is very important regarding “Drug Disease and Treatment”. With regard to admission, treatment is ensured in the following ways.

Regular Intervention

  • The family learns formal interventions in 21 sessions of counseling before bringing the patient to treatment in the “formal interrogation” method. In return the patient comes for treatment.
  • In Crisis Intervention, the family is given seven days of counseling sessions and then their patient is admitted.
  • In case of emergency the patient can be admitted immediately and the facility of bringing the patient from home is also provided.
  • If the family wants to treat the patient on an outpatient basis without admitting them, we send them to the well-known institution, Welling Ways.

Outdoor Program

There are two types of outdoor programs.

  • In direct treatment, both the patient and the family consult a specialist in the clinic and understand the disease and treat it.
  • In indirect treatment, only the family contacts the specialists and treats the patient at home by understanding the treatment method.