Indoor Treatment and Follow Up

Each treatment has two parts. Indoor treatment and follow up. Follow-up is the most important part of treatment. All diseases of the world must be followed up after treatment. Follow-up shows what problems the patient is experiencing when he or she is discharged after treatment. During this time physicians observe changes in the patient’s disease and attitudes, and the patient is in constant contact with his physician.

Follow-up is more important in drug addiction than any other disease because drug addiction has deep roots. The risk of relapse after recovery is always high. Once relapsed, relapse is called relapse. Repeated use of the drug also completes the deficit and the patient goes to the brink of death. Drug relapses usually have dire consequences. Some rehabilitated patients surrender to drug addiction.

Follow Up

For these reasons, follow-up is considered the most important part of treatment for drug rehabilitation patients in the “Sadaqat Clinic”. We can also understand the importance of follow-up in that when the patient is in the clinic during indoor treatment, he does not have access to any kind of drugs. The “Sadaqat Clinic” is working on her medical treatment as well as her behavior. He is told how to live without drugs, but when he returns to the open air. Where he has access to all kinds of drugs again and has to re-adjust to society after recovering from his addiction, he needs the guidance and advice of his doctors. Those who can help him so that he can apply the knowledge learned within the institution in the society and where he is facing difficulties, he can develop a new strategy in consultation with his physician.

Contact the Family

Follow-up involves constantly repeating what is being taught to them during treatment. At the same time, in the group’s whistling session, drug addicts share their experiences with each other and help each other to solve them, and become a source of encouragement for each other to stay away from drugs.

Follow-up includes contact with the patient as well as his or her family to help them stay away from drugs by learning about changes in the patient’s behavior after treatment. The duration of follow-up is subject to positive changes. The reason for emphasizing follow-up like treatment is that we not only get rid of the drug addict but also help him to become a useful citizen of the society.