Beginning of Treatment

At the beginning of the treatment, the patient is first thoroughly examined, planned according to his personality and informed in detail about the treatment. For the first ten days, he is kept in a special care ward and is treated for any ailments that may arise after quitting.

There is no problem in overcoming the problems that are expected when quitting drugs. There are medicines that treat these ailments with timely and proper use. However, for the most vulnerable patients, there should be room for the use of drugs to treat the “symptoms of relapse” if needed, but in such cases, the family is taken into confidence. “Symptoms of relapse” usually take two to three weeks to properly control.

Symptoms Diet During Retreat

’’During a relapse, the patient is given milk, cold drinks, salts, vitamins, and a light diet. After that, the daily diet is restored. Vitamin salts and appetite suppressants are continued but over-the-counter medications are discontinued. During this time the patient’s mental state and mood are carefully examined, the patient expresses his psychological state through his behavior. Special care is taken of food and various occupations are kept busy. After a few days, the patient should start light exercise.

The Patient’s Condition

Usually, at this stage, the patient gets angry with himself and also with others, in the first few days the patient gets angry at the slightest thing and his emotions are hurt due to which he has “quit” due to intoxication. The patient appears to have received an electric shock. He may look good, but he reacts strongly to small things. Just as the patient’s behavior during intoxication is inappropriate, the patient does not calm down immediately after giving up the intoxication. He makes a mountain of mustard.

Patient Attitude

If you ask what happened to him, he will never admit that these attitudes are related to drug separation. He will remove bugs in everything. Doctors, hospital staff, facilities and food, everything will be targeted. However, the doctors and other staff at the hospital, in the light of their knowledge and experience, make the bitter experience of this symptom withdrawal as easy as possible. The spirit of service and experience comes in handy for the therapist and as soon as he sees it, a smile starts spreading on the patient’s face.