Misconceptions About Addiction?

How to Help in Addiction Recovery?

Talk About Alcohol & Drugs

Talk to children about other drugs. Before your friends talk to them in the wrong way, talk to them yourself. The best age to talk about these things is ten years. According to research, parents who talk to their children about drugs have a 50% lower chance of getting addicted. When you talk to them, tell them clearly what are the harms of drugs, what are the disadvantages of physical, mental, social and spiritual health and what is the punishment of our country’s law.

Be a Part of Children’s Lives

As children get older, it becomes a little harder to be a part of their lives. But it is very important that you become a part of their life physically and mentally as you go to events where there are children, play games with them, hug them at least once a day, love them. And it is important to appreciate them. Plan and go for fun with them. Doing all this will boost the child’s confidence, give the child a chance to talk to you so that he can share everything with you.

Be a Good Role Model For Children

Children are usually a photocopy of the parents. Make yourself the way you want your children to look, because the photocopy will be the same. If you want your children to respect you, then start respecting your parents. If you do not want your children to become addicted to drugs, you should stop smoking. If you don’t want your child to get angry, don’t do it yourself. Share positive life stories with them. Discuss with the children such examples that when my son is upset, I do this positive thing, when I am bored, I do this positive thing.

Make Some Rules, Regulations or Constitution For Your Home

Make some rules of the house and then enforce them, that is, the time before everyone has to get home. At what time the lights of the houses will be turned off. The Internet is a place where everyone passes, that is, a common place, and the Internet is closed when it is time to go to bed at night. There has to be a fixed time to get up. You have to follow the teacher while making it. If a child breaks the rules, he should be punished. If he completes a task, he should be rewarded. Decide on Merit Children should be rewarded and punished on merit.

Monitor Children

Parents have a responsibility to monitor their children’s movements. What do they do in the room? Who are the people sitting outside? Who are their friends? Their notebooks should be checked. They should invite their friend’s home after eating ْ and then test them to see if they have any bad habits.