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What is Meant By Drugs?

Drugs are "drugs" that have the potential to change a person's mental state and behavior. With their use, mental and physical ailments lose their intensity. Each drug has its own specific behavior. Some intoxication calms the mind and some stimulate. Some drugs are painkillers and some are thought-provoking.

What Drugs Have Been Used in the Subcontinent?

Cannabis, marijuana, alcohol and opium addiction are traditionally prevalent in the subcontinent. The use of cough syrups, sleeping pills and narcotic injections has become dangerous in the last few years. The heroin epidemic has spread rapidly since the 1980's.

What Kind of People Do Most Drugs?

It has been observed that people who are anxious, normal, happy, and all kinds of people are addicted. Addiction is usually referred to as entertainment, custom, or "cure." Anxiety, intoxication, and easy availability make it smooth. People use drugs like flowers for both happiness and sorrow.

Who Gets Drug Addiction?

Some of the people who take drugs get addicted to drugs. A fundamental change in the chemistry of the body is necessary for drug addiction. However, this change is not related to mood or mood. When and why this happens, the final reason is not yet known.

What is The Difference Between Drug Addiction & Occupation?

In intoxication, the body begins to crave more and more drugs and the patient is forced to fulfill this craving in every situation. Amateur drug addicts control the amount, time, and place of drugs. While the drug addict loses this option completely. The patient understands that there is something wrong with the drug, so he goes in search of more drugs. The "defect" is actually in the patient's body which in a way becomes "allergic" to the product.

Strange Idea! What Kind of Allergy is This?

An allergy means an abnormal reaction. The normal reaction of the body in case of intoxication is that the effect is as much as the intoxication. If a person is addicted to drugs and is not affected by them and continues to suffer for more drugs, then we will say that his body has started wasting drugs. This action of the body is not normal. This is the root cause of drug addiction.

Is There a Similarity Between Drug Addiction & Diabetes?

Yes! The two diseases have a lot in common. A healthy person gets energy from sugar while a diabetic suffers! In fact, the diabetes system in the body of a diabetic patient is disrupted. An addict becomes a drug addict only when his or her body's immune system is disrupted. Then the drug doesn't affect him as much as it used to. Diabetics, on the other hand, learn to cope with starch with the help of medication and diet. However, it is certain that no drug addict can learn to live with drugs in any way. In both cases, there is a complete digestive tract.

When & How Does Drug Addiction Appear?

An addict can become addicted slowly or suddenly at any stage of life and it is not possible to predict when this will happen. This is the beginning of the disease when one's body begins to lose its effects before it can absorb the effects of the drug. The bottom line is that no matter how much the patient wants to take, the demand is not met. He can no longer be addicted because of his body and he cannot be addicted because of his brain. These are the two pits of drug addiction between which the patient suffers. Because the patient does not know that he is now in control as before.

How Does Addiction Start?

Addiction starts in the company of most drug addicts. Yes! The reasons for their association can be innumerable. This is where the intoxication involves, which is accepted because intoxication "works". Then he sneezes. The root cause of the "disorder" is people who are addicted but not drug addicts. Most of them are successful people in society. Seeing them, new people jump into this field without fear. There is not a single person in the circle of drug addicts who is not familiar with drugs.

How Do People Choose Drugs?

People start an addiction according to their specific "demand". When that intoxication is ineffective, they move on in search of the fastest drug. Sometimes they do it by mixing more than one drug.

Is Drug Addiction Only For Miserable People?

When all kinds of people are addicted, obviously all kinds of people will become drug addicts. You don't have to be sad. However, only a certain number of drug addicts get the disease. It is important for the body to get rid of drugs for drug addiction. When and why this happens, no one knows the ultimate reason. However, heroin is a drug that makes everyone sick. Other drugs do not make everyone addicted. Yes! They definitely pave the way for drug addiction.

Who is a Drug Addict?

The patient is the one who cannot stop the intoxication on his own and if it is stopped, he will suffer mental anguish and physical pain. A drug addict is a sick person who cannot cope with drugs. But still do not stop using them. He does not recover from his addiction but continues to be addicted in the hope that one day he will somehow be able to use his addiction as before. He suffers. But his craving for drugs keeps growing.

What is The Identity of a Drug Addict?

The personality of a drug addict is easily recognized due to his rapidly declining health. He is not aware of his duties, nor does he become accustomed to Buddhism. Untimely sleeping and waking, false oaths, false promises, gossip, dengue are the special attributes of a drug addict. Relationship blackmail becomes his way of life. Anxiety and anxiety, sometimes flames, sometimes dew, sometimes threats, sometimes prayers, this is the identity of an addict.

What Are The Effects of Drugs on the Body & Mind?

The harmful effects of drugs on the body and mind begin when a person becomes addicted. As a result, he indiscriminately indulges in drugs. All drugs wreak havoc on the body and mind. The only difference is the duration. Where marijuana and alcohol are slow poisonings, heroin casts a shadow on a person. Some of the effects of the drug on the body and mind are temporary, but if the drug continues, there are permanent changes.

Is Addiction Relevant to Heroin Only?

No! There are some symptoms of drug addiction that can appear with any drug. If a person starts taking more drugs on a daily basis or starts taking two drugs at the same time or quits the first drug and starts taking the second drug, then it is a sign of drug addiction. If a person becomes ill while using one drug, that is, he does not get relief from even large quantities of drugs, then he starts using another drug. Whom an intoxicant stops calming, then every intoxicant repeats the same story with him.

Then Why Are There So Many Heroin Addicts?

Most heroin addicts are the same as those who were previously addicted to hashish or alcohol. Only a few patients start using heroin directly. The drug law states that a heroin addict cannot return to alcohol or marijuana. Because there is no such thing as heroin addiction in our country, all addicts end up on heroin while traveling, even though only 10% of alcohol addicts become patients. Yet there are millions of alcoholics in America.

What are the Causes of Addiction?

There are as many reasons for drug addiction as there are people in the world. Some of the main causes are domestic dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, depression, love failure, poor health, unemployment, boredom, and tension. For these reasons a person can get addicted but it does not prove that all people will get addicted in these conditions. For most people, such conditions arise after the disease of intoxication.

What Does a Drug Addict Get From Drugs?

Alcohol makes you ashamed and enjoys immorality. In the end, the liver is sifted. There is cheapness and impotence. Marijuana leads to thoughtlessness and insanity. There is nothing to be gained from heroin, only eight o'clock slavery. At first, it ignites like a flame and then it just rises like smoke. How much does heroin cost? After the first few days, there is no pleasure, no server, no "benefit" from using heroin. The drug increases the dose but the result is zero.

Which Drug is Common Now a Days & Why?

Marijuana or alcohol encourages heroin use. Then the patients turn to heroin. Because there is no bigger drug in Pakistan. For the past several years, heroin has gripped all kinds of addicts, and it is estimated that every ten minutes, one or the other addict shifts to heroin. No one can go back to their old addiction once they have used heroin. All people who use heroin are either already addicted or soon become ill.

Are There Any Benefits to Drugs?

By the way, it is generally said that intoxication is a great curse. But the world is also taking advantage of drugs. The use of drugs in surgical operations, maternity, cancer, and other physical ailments is a blessing. If morphine is no longer used in patients in the United States, Europe, and other countries, the reason is that they have developed their own alternative medicine so that their foreign exchange does not come to Pakistan. Look at our simplicity. They are using morphine for medical use instead of their medicine.

How Many Types of Drugs are There?

Drugs either calm or stimulate or relieve pain and change thoughts. Each drug has one or more of these properties. The specialty of alcohol is to calm down while cocaine is second to none in stimulating and heroin in relieving pain. Marijuana changes thoughts and ideas. In drug addiction, these properties become rusty. Addiction then becomes a headache for the patient. It is a different matter that the "cause of fame" of every drug has a special effect but other "virtues" are also found in them to some extent.

What Happens to a Heroin Addict?

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic-driven world of Earl. The first step is to sell your assets. The second is borrowing and your stealing and manipulation. It also washes away health and dries out and becomes a thorn. He also loses his sense of humor and is forced to continue his addiction just to avoid trouble. The patient does not consider himself ill before the catastrophe, so he does not incline towards treatment but refuses treatment.

Why it is Important to Understand That Addiction is a Complete Disease?

Unless we consider drugs to be a disease we cannot provide proper help to the patient. Parents use a number of tactics before treatment. These include taking vows, swearing, taunting, surveillance and beating, but they do not succeed in keeping the patient away from drugs. Evictions, omissions, or even imprisonment can make matters worse. By the way, he wants to blame the patient and make him angry. But to no avail.

Is Drug Addiction a "common" Disease in the Family?

By the way, in every disease, there is a "twilight" of the family, but in the case of drug addiction, the suffering of the family is in no way less than that of the patient. Some members of the family are so badly affected that they need to be treated separately from the regular patient. These people are called "Hum Rogi". These are the real victims of drug addiction.

Does a Drug Addict Affect the Whole Family?

Like war and love, the intoxicated patient justifies his every move. For the sake of intoxication, he engages in immoral and illegal activities. Trauma makes the family unhappy. They leave the world. The patient constantly blames them for their illness. The patient's recurrence makes them suspect their guilt. They think that if we can't save the patient from drugs then we are a failure.

Research has shown that the ultimate responsibility for drug addiction lies with the patient because he or she initiated the drug himself. You have never done anything to cause him to have this disease but if you want you can play a full role in getting him out of drugs.

What is the Biggest Hurdle in Treating a Patient?

The biggest obstacle to treatment is the self-deception of the drug addict. This is such a big obstacle that sometimes the disease of intoxication is also called the disease of self-deception. This self-deception does not allow the patient to look at his real situation. A mild form of self-deception is found in every human being. Self-deception goes too far in drug addicts.

Addiction distorts the patient's personality and manipulates him to such an extent that he looks like a nightmare away from consciousness and despite being on the brink of disaster his satisfaction is visible. Rome is burning, but Nero is playing the Chinese flute. This is the extreme of self-deception. We think the patient is lying even though the patient is not really aware of his situation.

What are the Other Obstacles in the Way of Treatment?

Every patient in the world, except drug addicts, seeks treatment. The reason for rejecting the treatment, apart from self-deception, is that he goes around with his "medicine" in his pocket. No wonder he can avoid treatment. If the patient faces self-deception during treatment, the biggest obstacle in the way of treatment is the ignorance of the parents. This delays treatment by years. Everyone at home, including drug addicts, is suffering, but they are under the misconception that the matter is not serious and that things are slowly getting better.

Our Child Cannot Be a Drug Addict!

This is also a form of self-deception. It hurts to think that way about your child, so we are reluctant to think so. People tell us, baby signals but we refuse to receive. The three million drug addicts in Pakistan are our children. The number of drug addicts alone is many times higher. Every thirteenth house has a drug addict. It is estimated that one or the other first cousin of every person suffers from drug addiction. God forbid that our child should be intoxicated but not satisfied without checking.

Does Getting Married Give Up Drugs?

This is a big misunderstanding. Drug addicts give up drugs only with treatment. People who are addicted but not addicted to drugs may get lost in the colors of marriage and give up drugs but it would be an exaggeration to expect this from a drug addict. Traditionally, spoiled youths were married off in the hope that they might get better and leave a bad society. Due to the interest of young people in sex, this "tip" was often successful and that is why it continues to be used. The truth is that a drug addict is in no way fit for marriage.

What is Important to Know About Drug Addiction?
  • The patient does not use large amounts of drugs for external reasons. In fact, the patient's body acquires the ability to quickly eliminate the drug. In this way, the drug that is lost, the patient is able to make up for the loss. Then with the quantity comes sickness and destruction.
  • Patient does not seek treatment before complete destruction. Addiction does not allow him to realize the seriousness of the situation. On the other hand, drug addiction will continue to grow until proper treatment is given. Drug addiction causes fatal accidents step by step, so instead of waiting
What is Meant By "Support" For a Drug Addict?

Families treat the patient with special kindness and gentleness because of their special emotional connection. Their goal is to get the patient to give up drugs, influenced by their behavior. Thanks to the family, such situations seem perfectly normal, so he continues to be addicted. This situation is called "assistance". Those who "help" do not know that they are unconsciously helping the patient to get addicted. Note that the following behaviors fall into the category of "support". Fulfilling the responsibilities of the patient, making excuses in front of people.

What is the Effect of "Hardship" on the Patient?

Almost every patient is treated with extreme restraint. There is nothing unique about this. He must be provoked whenever he has to live with a drug addict. The goal of hardship on the patient is to give up drugs but as a result, he not only becomes more addicted but also begins to think of himself as right. Harsh attitudes include cursing, beatings, being tied up with ropes, being evicted from a business, beheading, or being imprisoned. They make matters worse.

What is Meant By Corrective Attitudes in Drug Addiction?

Behaviors of the family that resulted in the patient agreeing to quit drugs and seek treatment are called corrective behaviors. In corrective behaviors, we limit the patient. Correctional attitudes may seem difficult and awkward, but when support and provocation make matters worse, there is no choice.

  • Corrective attitudes are free from anger and beatings. In order to get rid of grief and anger, it is necessary to recognize the disease of intoxication as a real disease. In corrective behaviors we consider the patient's actions (addiction) and its consequences.
  • Keep in mind that even healthy people do not easily admit their guilt, blame others and entertain themselves through self-deception. The drug addict is the champion in these things. Communicating with the patient is not easy. We need training if we want to improve it.
  • Don't take promises from the patient Promises are not a cure for this patient. The general impression about treatment is that staying in a clinic ten days a week makes the patient healthy and the family members start living happily ever after. This is absolutely wrong.
  • After treatment, ask the patient to meet the requirements of treatment instead of guarding him. The biggest requirement of treatment is that the patient should participate in the "NA" party daily. It is a party of people who are giving up drugs and living a happy life. After treatment, it is also important for the patient to participate in the "follow-up" program.
  • Stop controlling the patient's intoxication. Even the patient himself cannot control the amount of drugs. Yes! He can quit completely. Controlling quantity is not a cure, it's just a thief's game.
  • Do not make threatening threats to the patient. Show what you are doing and don't say what you don't want to do. Transmit the patient's condition to other family members. Don't make the disease a secret. Disable the patient's "distribute and drug" policy. Instead of trying to deal with the patient alone, the whole family should take action. Don't give the patient a chance to hurt you.
  • Do not accept the patient's justification that he or she is intoxicated due to the circumstances or you. The causes of the amount of drugs that patients use are not external but internal. When a drug addict becomes addicted, he or she does not need a reason to become addicted. He just needs more and more drugs because his body wastes drugs.
  • Do not lie behind the patient at all times. Anger and tears are just a recipe for ill health. There is nothing that you can do to help the patient. If you want to help her, take care of your health first. Nothing can be given from an empty vessel. Drive the car of worldliness, business and life.
  • Increase contact with parents who are dealing with drug addiction. If the problems are the same, one or the other solution will definitely come out. In the United States, Europe and other countries, parents have formed associations called "NAR-ANON" which have been very helpful in rehabilitating patients.
  • Do not repay the loan obtained by the patient. Don't take responsibility for it. Don't make excuses for his absence from business and happiness. If he is intoxicated, do not guard him. There is no need to lie or sacrifice one's moral values ​​for this. If caught doing drugs, don't help. Let the patient suffer the consequences of his actions. The crisis breaks this self-deception of the patient.
  • Do not give him any trouble yourself but do not take the pains which come towards him due to intoxication on your own life. If the taste of intoxication reaches him and you suffer, then why did he give up intoxication? The patient is the only person who is in a position to benefit from these ailments. When you succeed in convincing him that drugs are the cause of your troubles, not us, then he will hate drugs, not us.
Why is Treatment Necessary For Drug Addiction? Is Prevention Not Possible at Home?

The patient or family has already put in a lot of effort. Sometimes success is achieved for a short time and sometimes you have to face failure on the first day. Whether the drug breaks last for days or weeks, it is clear that the problem cannot be solved without treatment because even after quitting the disease the disease does not go away but the other side of it becomes active. As soon as you quit drugs, the disease takes the form of anxiety, sadness and anger. Things get worse before they get better. The severity of these ailments subsides in a few days, but the nature continues to burn. The patient is trained to deal with this bad mood in treatment.

It is not easy for a drug addict to make the rehabilitation journey alone. In addition to being a compassionate therapist, rehabilitation requires a conducive environment in which other people are going through the same steps. After treatment, the patient has to attend NA parties. Those who are addicted to NA come to the parties. They are a beacon for new patients. At these gatherings, the patient receives guidance from experienced people. In these the patient can choose someone as his guide.

What Happens if a Drug Addict is Not Treated?

If not treated, this disease is 100% fatal. In addition to illness, accidents caused by drunkenness are also life-threatening. Sometimes the patient panics and thinks about suicide and sometimes he does it. Remember that we are not just talking about a bad habit, but a life or death issue. It would be cruel to abandon a terminally ill person just because he is not willing to seek treatment. It is enough for someone to be sick for treatment and what is the doubt about his being sick?