Mohsin Nawaz

(Director PR)

Mr. Muhammad Mohsin Nawaz is the Executive PR Director of Willingways and Sadaqat Clinic. He is a true inspiration, possessing a versatile personality, along with great communication skills. A bout of polio at the age of two crippled his legs, followed by another physical challenge at the age of 13 that left him blind, but he never gave up. Instead of Mani, they dominated him and accepted him with full courage and passion. He continued his studies through Braille reading and writing system and audio cassettes. Being fond of Urdu literature, he did his Masters in Urdu literature in 1999. They are fully capable of screen reader software. Mohsin Nawaz attributes his success to his mentor Dr. Sadaqat Ali, who has been a driving force in honing his skills. Dr. Sadaqat is a big one in his life The change came in 1997 when he offered him the opportunity to serve as a telemarketer for his book series: ‘One Minute Manager-Urdu’ project. The tremendous success of this project proved to be a milestone in his life and became the basis of his livelihood and he started working in DIP in 1999.

His ability to learn quickly and responsible attitude provided him with various opportunities to succeed professionally. He is now working as the Director of Sales and PR at Willingways as well as Special Advisor to Dr Sadaqat Ali. Working with Dr. Sadaqat Ali and his team of professionals, he has gained a lot of knowledge in counseling and psychology. Mohsin says that Dr. Sadaqat Ali’s support and encouragement has given him confidence and positive influence in his life. Mohsin’s charming and soothing voice became the heartbeat of many when he joined “Must FM 103” in its early days. On May 1, 2004, he launched his popular and trend-setting show. He is FM’s most popular RJ, with a huge fan following. He is the station director of web radio Change O’Clock. In September 2014, he spoke on SBNTV as expert Dr. Sadaqat Also started a TV show “Smart Solution” with Ali. Mohsin is credited with opening new avenues for disabled people and being the world’s first radio and TV host with various physical disabilities.

He is like a mentor/messiah for the physically challenged not only in Pakistan but all over the world. He has been awarded the Best Icon award by the Voice Society in 2010. In recognition of his rare qualities, he was also given the honorary chairmanship of the society. He has been invited by various institutions and universities for motivational talks, including a talk/address to the Pakistan Under-Nineteen team at the National Cricket Academy in 2007. Mohsin’s charismatic personality has always attracted special attention/space in the electronic media and print media and all popular TV channels and newspapers wanted to interview him. They enjoy every moment of their life. Their attractive personality affects people in different ways. Some people appreciate her dressing, some like her choice of music and poetry, some like her responsible attitude and some like her.

Considered as the best refuge of Diljoy. Mohsin Nawaz is a person who says yes to life and lives it practically. The fragrance of his strong personality brightens the lives of others. Their magical, deep, sweet words will leave a mesmerizing effect on you, create a new zest and passion in your life. Whenever possible, they help others regain the passion they lack in their lives and inspire them to change. A change that will take you to a new level of success and soothe your mind and soul. Encourage change. A change that will take you to a new level of success and soothe your mind and soul. Encourage change. A change that will take you to a new level of success and soothe your mind and soul.

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