Anam Saleem

(Clinical Psychologist)

Anam Saleem works as a psychologist at Sadaqat Clinic Karachi. He received his degree in psychology from the Institute of Professional Psychology, Bahria University. Apart from this, he did his internship at different places, the top of which was his internship at Omid Nao Clinic, where he did psychological assessment, mental evaluation and clinical Learn about diagnosis. Apart from this, he broadened his experience by doing an internship at the Karachi Psychiatric Hospital where he did clinical observation and gained experience working in a clinical setup.

He also participated in various workshops in which he got information on topics like stress management, anger management, crisis management and play therapy where he learned which psychotherapies can be done on mental patients. She also participated in a seminar at Aga Khan University which was on youth and mental health in which she took a lecture on the mental problems faced today and now she is performing her duties as a psychologist and art therapist in Sadaqat Clinic Karachi. Where they provide awareness to families and patients about addiction and other mental illnesses on a daily basis.

Miss Anum performs her professional activities well by making good use of her talents. They have a sense of responsibility and the ability to assess situations in a better way and take necessary actions for them are their important personal qualities.