Amna Nawaz

(Director Sadaqat Clinic Murree)

Amina Nawaz became part of Willingways Lahore in 2015. He b. S. C (Hons) and M. He received his education from Government College University Lahore. During her studies, she continued to participate in the curricular and extra-curricular activities of her university and was elected vice-president and then president of the Society of Psychology. He received training in the field of psychology from Shaukat Khanum Hospital Lahore and Punjab Institute of Mental Health. After completing his education, he did M. in Government College University, Lahore. Also worked as training supervisor of AK students.

After becoming a part of Willingways, he devoted his services to the counseling of addiction and psychiatric patients and their families. They also provide weight loss counseling and take care of the administrative affairs of the organization. She also participates as an expert speaker in various TV programs of Pakistan. Apart from this, Willingways has also done many programs related to mood, weight and stress management for Facebook page and YouTube channel. Currently serving as Director at Sadaqat Clinic, Murree. It believes in working with integrity, truth, hard work and dedication.