6 Most Important Life Decisions You’ll Ever Make

This program created by Shun Kui is a very effective mentoring program that teaches people not only to live well but also to thrive. It is based on six important decisions that young people make during their youth and that decide what their future will be like. We often face these decisions when we are young. How we react to them affects the rest of our lives. Although these decisions seem very simple and straightforward, the harsh reality is that most people do not pay attention to them. At one time a person may be struggling with one or all of these decisions.

Whatever the case may be, people should be informed about their outcomes so that they can make better decisions. They consciously know the pros and cons of their actions, so that they can make the right choice whenever faced with all these decisions. It is a program that offers guiding principles that can be followed to achieve success. It talks about important decisions about school, dating, parents, friends and addictions. These are the important aspects of life that must be better informed in order to make better decisions about them. Adolescents cannot make better decisions for themselves and most of the decisions made in childhood are emotionally charged. So learning about it is very important and necessary for any young person. To learn about these aspects is to make fundamental changes in one’s life.

In today’s time, people face various challenges. Unlike the olden days, people today have to bear the pressure to stay in touch with other people, be it through social media or whatever! Similarly, easy access to drugs, increasing terrorism and psychological problems are all due to them. These are just a few names that have been mentioned. Apart from this, many problems are looming. These issues are becoming more complex with the passing of time and there are some important decisions that are necessary for our future.

Shun Kui conducted research with young people around the world and highlighted some of the most important aspects of life. Choose the 6 most important problems from the pile of problems and then work on them. They are given importance because these problems are such that wrong decisions taken about them lead to huge losses.

These 6 important decisions are as follows:

School: It tells about our education.

Friends: It tells us about our friends, what kind of friends we are surrounded by and what kind of friends inspire us.

Parents: It tells us about our relationship with our parents.

Dating: It tells with whom we will form close relationship.

Addictions: This tells us about the attitudes we will have towards the addiction.

Personal Importance: It tells us about our own personal importance and importance of our abilities.

We don’t need to go back in life to understand everything, just look at the people who are hosted by prisons or who have made bad decisions in their lives. Similarly, not being able to make the right decision in the moments of decision also leads a person to failure.

School: One of the most important decisions of all is about school. Why is this decision so important? This is so important because a good school can provide bright opportunities for a person to advance and a bad school can close the doors of success to him. For him, academic expectations and the pressure they cause, and the pressure to meet expectations, all combine to make this an important decision. It can create a passion in any person to excel in studies, to be successful, so that his ability to earn money is also improved. When making a decision about a school, it is important to consider the future consequences of leaving school in the middle. It inculcates in people the desire to succeed in studies so that they can overcome their study-related weaknesses and recognize the potential within them.

Work: The decision taken regarding work plays a very important role. A particular sector or line of work decides the future. A true assessment of one’s abilities can make or break a person’s work. If they choose work against their potential, they will welcome disaster and failure.

Friends: Some people are very social and make friends easily but for many others this is a very difficult task and it becomes even more difficult if one is trying to adjust to a new environment. Many of us have experienced when we desperately want to be friends with someone and are willing to be friends with anyone, even if they make a bad impression on us. It is said that we become like the people we spend most of our time with and these people set the standard for our growth and success. This decision teaches how to handle such pressure when you have few friends and how to choose good friends when you are pressured to make more friends.

Parents: Our ideas about parenting change throughout our lives. As a child we take them as our guardians and deep down we make mistakes in our ways as them and suddenly we are ashamed to have them. However, with the passage of time, we start to understand what they are saying. Even our friends start telling us positive things about our parents. Therefore, the quality of our relationship with our parents is a very important decision and teaches us how to improve our relationship with them and improve their mood, when they are sad and how to deal with bitter words. To endure.

Dating: In all such cases people mostly feel shy. Parents also neglect this matter and feel shy and reluctant to give complete information to children in this regard. However, times have changed a lot and people are now more aware than before about who is right for them and who is not. However, if people do not have their own preferences about who they want to be intimate with, other people make the decision for them. Taking a decision in these cases brings attention to all the issues like depending on your life on your partner, managing the relationship sensibly and identifying the flaws in the relationship.

Addiction: People suffer from various behaviors and addictions in one way or another. Many people fall into this addiction every year and watch their lives crumble before them. Nowadays many sources make all these addictions look more attractive. Problems! Such as peer pressure and the desire to try new things, and to complicate them, there is also excessive use of the Internet. It is very clear that the decisions taken regarding this matter define the direction of our life. The decision about it teaches us how this addiction will change the angle of our life.

Self-importance/Independence: If our self-importance starts to depend on something else, it is the beginning of a journey to destruction. Loving ourselves and having good self-worth is an important decision we need to learn. Protecting ourselves and being protected from within is a sign that we have good self-worth. This program teaches how to make a true personal observation and what difficulties it can cause to see yourself according to the opinions of others. It is very important to know all this and to learn how we can utilize individual abilities. A clear view of all these decisions can guarantee the development of any human being. A life that has the appearance of a productive and successful person.