A Healthy and Happy Life

Editor: Javed Chaudhry

This experiment started in 1938, the worlds number one university, Harvard, created a unit called “Harvard Study of Adult Development” and this unit” Happy and healthy life”.”Started searching for the three principles of the unit selected 724 people for the research and divided them into two groups. Group A was the prosperous students of Harvard University. These people entered the university in the midst of World War II. They participated in the war. Fought on the fronts of Europe. Returned to America alive. Entered the university again. Completed education and entered practical life. Group B belonged to the poorest area of ​​the city of Boston. These people were living a poor life in the 1930s. They had their own houses. There was electricity, gas, adequate food and no clothes. These people were living in extreme poverty. The “Harvard Study of Adult Development” started tracking the lives of these 724 people. Unit researchers visit these people every year. Ask them questions and write down their answers.

724 people of both group A and group B were young before him. Entered into practical life, got married, had children, got sick, got healthy, moved around, jumped from one job to another job, and from another job to a third job, these people have all the comforts of life. All these facilities kept getting out of their hands later on. They kept changing their religion and ideas. Their hobbies kept changing. They also did ‘reunions’, they became lonely, they joined and left different clubs, they tangled and fought with people, they reconciled with opponents, they kept making friends enemies and enemies also friends. These houses, cities and states also kept changing and their preferences in food, clothes and sports also kept changing. Group A is highly educated and

They also became businessmen, became successful CEOs, dozens of them became famous in the fields of sports, film, literature, art and education. “I was left behind” a few even committed suicide while group B people were poor “backward” ignorant and unskilled many of them went far in life “among them became doctors” engineers also “actors” Also, sportsmen, businessmen and landlords, while in this group there were also countless people who got addicted to drugs, who went into the world of crime, who went to jail for fraud, and who joined gangs. They were killed in war, these people also kept changing their residences, cities and countries with the passage of time, they also got married, gave birth to children, they also kept getting separated, they also kept changing their life partner and this too. Keep changing your professions, hobbies and interests, study the group went along with them – it monitored them – this monitoring continued continuously for 75 years – in these 75 years, three directors of the study group died.

Funding for the group went on and off, researchers changed and the medium of data collection changed, but the research continued. In those 75 years, 664 people from Group A and Group B died. Only 60 children remain. These 60 people have stepped into the 90s, the group included 2,000 children of 724 people in the research, and researchers continue to ask those questions, in these 75 years, researchers have accumulated millions of papers.

The archive included the medical reports of the 724 people and their psychological and social data, as well as police and court records. It was the longest such study in the world, said Robert Weldinger, the current director of the study group. They are a psychiatrist by profession and a professor at Harvard Medical School. Professor Robert Weldinger presented the three main results of this longest research to the world in 2015. These results are the essence of this research.

Professor Robert Weldinger said, “We’ve learned from 75 years of experience that if you want to live a healthy and happy life, you have to stay in touch with people.” He also left the world early who was cut off from people, loved ones, relatives, family and society, who became a loner, who became disgusted with people and who avoided correspondence with people.

They also suffer from infectious diseases, their memory, vision and hearing are also weakened and they also suffer from financial crises, while the roles of being in contact with people, people who give time to family, gentlemen who sit in the youth and last time. The characters living in the circle of friends stayed young, healthy and active, and all these people lived to be 80 to 90 years old, while the solitary people barely reached 60 years, Robert Weldinger claimed to have a healthy and happy life. The second rule is “the preferred partner is”.

The Harvard Study Group’s longest-running study found that people who chose favorite life partners and friends, and who worked in their favorite jobs and favorite offices, lived healthier and happier lives, while those whose life partners “Friends and offices were not preferred. They got sick and died early,” said Robert Weldinger. I was also active and healthy.

We found that all those who had found a ‘favorable life partner’ by the age of 50, friends and field of interest according to their temperament, while all those who did not make it to the age of 80 often complained. When we were sick, we became lonely and irritable along with the illness. We felt that our office, our friends and our life partner were not taking care of us. This feeling was more dangerous than the illness itself. So we became weak and weary.

These people could barely go above the age of 60, while the other group said that whenever we got sick or whenever we had problems, our husbands, our wives, our friends and our office helped us quickly from this crisis. Pulled out ‘we were back on our feet in a few days’ ‘we got both life and energy back’ these people say there is no greater blessing in the world than the quality of relationship.Robert Weldinger claimed that of our 724 characters. People who felt safe lived longer and healthier lives—a third finding of our study—sense of safety.

Insecurity makes a person old, weak and sick, a person who made safe investments in life, whose life partner was loyal to him, whose friends were loyal to him, whose city whose country was safe from insurgency’ who had a strong insurance policy and who bought strong cars and houses also stayed healthy’ also lived a happy life and lived longer while insecure people around the world left early.

Professor Robert said people whose investments sank, who doubted the fidelity of their life partner, whose companies, whose businesses were not settled, who did not believe in their roof and their car, and whose right and left Riots, rebellions, riots and fights were going on. They left the world early. Professor Robert said that 60 of the 724 characters are still alive. They are between 90 and 100 years old. These 60 people have these three qualities.

First, they are still in touch with the society, they prefer to be among people rather than being alone, second, they have favorite life partners, favorite friends, favorite occupations, favorite cities and favorite culture, and third, they are on their own. And they feel secure in their relationships, they are filled with a sense of security, they think that security of wealth, security of relationships, friendships, religion, culture or country, their life is safe from all directions, so these 90 years They are still living a healthy and happy life, they are still standing on their feet and they are eating with their real teeth, while 660 people deprived of these three blessings are lying in the graves, their bones have decayed.