Addiction is Also a Life

A friend of mine left his father alone with alcoholism. He considered it his father’s job and did not want to be disturbed. After two years, the father passed away. The question is whether the light of his life was extinguished by any job? Brother! There is a difference between drinking and playing golf! He died of an underlying, persistent and progressive disease known as dementia. Although death does not come instantly from this disease, what if there is a train coming in front of you and you stay on the track? Dr. Sadaqat Ali is Project Director of Turning Point. He is a prominent drug expert of the country. His name is the most prominent in the treatment of addiction in Pakistan. After completing his MBBS from Dow Medical College, Karachi, he pursued higher education in addiction treatment from Hazelden, Minnesota, USA. So far, thousands of drug addicts have been cured by him.

We make many choices that have a good or bad effect on our lives: Where do we live? What do you eat? How are our friends? How do we spend our free time? And much more. The paths we choose in life have consequences, some good, some bad and some of them affect our health. We choose lifestyles. Alcoholism is also a choice that can lead to a life-threatening disease. Would we be willing to do something where there is a 10 percent chance that we will be ruined? Drinking alcohol is common in our society. Some alcoholics drink heavily and all the time. A person who drinks 2 jams per day or 14 weeks is considered non-drinker. Remember that one jam contains 30 cc of alcohol. Not all drinkers develop alcoholism. If two friends drink the same amount of alcohol over a period of time, it is quite possible that one will suffer from alcoholism and the other will just be having fun.

We witness this “good harmony” every day in society, where drinking is common. The use of other drugs, including alcohol, has become an epidemic in society and especially in higher education institutions. 10% of addicts suffer from addiction. Not just drug use but genes decide whose life will be ruined by addiction? Yes, if one does not take drugs, there is no question of becoming a drug addict. There are two types of ideologies in society. The first is that there is nothing wrong with drinking as long as certain “rules” are followed. Adherents of this theory describe an alcoholic as someone who has a weak will, cannot stop drinking, and breaks moral codes. These people consider “control” very important. According to them, those who control themselves do not become fools. Others believe that drinking alcohol is a sin and depravity, they believe that good people do not drink alcohol so that they can avoid becoming alcoholics.

These people believe that drinking alcohol itself is an addiction, whether it is addiction-based or addiction-based. They believe that drunkenness and debauchery go hand in hand, and that those who are prone to debauchery bring this curse upon themselves. “When people are willing to live a good life, they are cured of alcoholism,” he says. Proponents of both theories do not understand the theory of disease, one group seeing it as the result of weak will and the other as indolence and indiscretion. Both don’t understand the depth of the problem and expect that Blanosh can recover if they just show some willpower. Alcoholics try hard to control their addiction, some of them succeed, but they cannot bring about lasting and reliable change. Those who believe that it is a defect of character rather than a disease do not know that the disease of alcoholism also hollows out the willpower. It becomes difficult to stay away from alcohol on sheer willpower.

As the disease progresses, controlling drinking becomes a life-threatening task. Those who drink alcohol but do not become patients, although they change their ways on their own when they wake up, alcoholics are not cured without help. Normal drinkers are not so compulsive. If they want to drink or not to drink, such people easily give up alcohol when they decide. Then there are certain types of heavy drinkers who may stop drinking or start drinking under control for a specific reason such as ill health, a love affair, a change in environment or a doctor’s warning. However, it is not easy for them to do so. But what about the “real te vade” alcoholics? They don’t necessarily drink heavily at first, but at some point they start drinking like a fish, with the only difference being that fish don’t drink alcohol! There comes a time when they lose control and cannot stop. Devdas become. An effective rehabilitation program is needed for these people. There comes a time when they lose control and cannot stop.

Devdas become. An effective rehabilitation program is needed for these people. There comes a time when they lose control and cannot stop. Devdas become. An effective rehabilitation program is needed for these people. There comes a time when they lose control and cannot stop. Devdas become. An effective rehabilitation program is needed for these people. There comes a time when they lose control and cannot stop. Devdas become. An effective rehabilitation program is needed for these people. There comes a time when they lose control and cannot stop. Devdas become. An effective rehabilitation program is needed for these people. There comes a time when they lose control and cannot stop. Devdas become. An effective rehabilitation program is needed for these people. A doctor friend of mine was well aware that alcoholism ran in his family, often discussing alcoholism with him.

His parents and grandfather were drinkers of Bala, but ignoring all these facts, he is engrossed in drinking. “I’m not worried at all,” he once told me, “I keep a close eye on my alcoholism,” he said confidently, “if I ever get a glimpse of danger, I’ll stop drinking.” I asked, “How do you think you will get a “glimpse” of danger and why other people can’t see this sudden disaster?” The truth is that in addiction. From the beginning a trap of self-deception begins to form. So the drinkers don’t see this coming. In alcoholism, toxic substances like chloroform circulate in the blood, causing the senses to become dull and depressed, and then what do they say? “We are there, from where we do not know about us” that the examples become free from anxiety. Drinking alcohol creates toxins in the blood, but in 90% of people they disappear in the blink of an eye, but in 10% they accumulate and circulate for a long time.

These toxic substances are closely related to the disease of alcoholism, which creates the state of alcoholism, the willpower becomes a wall of sand in front of this madness. Alcoholism is a physical condition linked to genes. No one can predict whether those who choose alcohol as part of their lifestyle will become alcoholics or just continue to drink. Some guidelines do exist, however. If one of the parents is alcoholic, the genes can be passed on to half of the children, now these children will suffer alcoholism if they drink alcohol. They will not be able to drink alcohol in moderation, nor will they be safe by drinking excessively. Remember that all the laws of addiction also apply to addiction. Protection lies only in abstinence from alcohol and drugs. A large number of people ignore the inherent danger and start drinking alcohol and get caught in the clutches of this disease.

These people keep convincing themselves that they will soon control the demand and quantity of alcohol. People have been convincing themselves that way for ten thousand years and you know how easy it is to convince yourself. Symptoms of dementia are often unrecognizable, especially in the beginning, so even experts feel it is difficult to diagnose the disease. A large number of blackheads are highly successful people whose every aspect of life is perfect, but blackheads are so hidden that they don’t even realize it. It is hypothesized that if these people had seen the disease coming, they would have moved away from it. But I have seen that people do not do this, because they cannot see the disease coming. Alcoholism is such a “fun” disease, people don’t get sidetracked by seeing diabetes and heart disease coming. Now you might be thinking that the same is true of drugs?

Let me clarify, when we talk about drugs, alcohol is included. Even many of the medicines that doctors prescribe are classified as narcotics like Xenax, Valium and Sassigon etc. We are more sensitive to some drugs and less to others. Some consider cobra, some less bad and some good. We are prejudiced by drugs and drugs are prejudiced by us humans. Some of us are treated badly and some are treated well, even as drugs turn our friendships into enmities over time. First they build their confidence and then when the time is right they stab them in the back. Not all drug addicts get sick, only 10% of them recover. Liquor is not a stigma compared to street drugs, but is quite acceptable among the upper classes. Drunk driving is considered a crime, but no one raises an eyebrow at a party for a couple of jams, while drunkenness and drunkenness bring infamy, but there is no dearth of people who have a soft spot for these acts as well.

However, if you are addicted to drugs and fall flat on your face during the rise of the party, then you will not face it in the future. If all your friends are drug addicts and fall on their faces like you, then no matter how many flowers you feed them, everyone will laugh at your actions. It doesn’t matter what feelings we have about an addiction, there is no question that drugs are dangerous, but not even Socrates can decide which drug is more or less dangerous. All drugs have the ability to destroy, the only difference is the speed. Are you ready for slow poisoning? Even a prescription drug is not reputable and can cause addiction just like street drugs. It doesn’t matter if the drugs are not legal. Isn’t candy legal? Can you eat sweets in diabetes? Whether the drug is legal or prescribed by a doctor, it offers no protection. Hereditary factors and circumstances together decide what will happen in the end. Even if the intoxication is obtained from natural herbs such as hashish or opium, the sword will continue to hang over the head.

Alcohol, which many families put on the dinner table, has done as much damage to our country as all drugs combined. Drugs are used to relieve tension. In high society, people take alcohol to relax “vade lug wadiyan gulan”. Whatever goes wrong during the day, they firmly believe that alcohol will fix everything in the evening. After that slowly it becomes a part of life. Obviously, when the problems are drowned in alcohol, they are not solved, they go to the background. Instead of problem-solving skills, taking a couple of drinks makes the mind stop worrying, then drinks and lies. Reports all good. The drinker feels no sorrow. After drinking alcohol, there is no need to hesitate and suddenly everything seems right. Mastering the skills to control anxiety and anger requires some time, which we don’t have and alcohol freezes mustard on the palm. Alcohol is a temporary solution that becomes a lifesaver for alcoholics. In alcoholism, this temporary solution feels like sand coming out of the fist.

Then they stick to the bottle. They say, “There is no movement in my hand, but there is a breath in my eyes, let Sagar and Mina be in front of me.” Problems that are not addressed continue to grow. As the intoxication wears off, anxiety strikes even more. Drunkenness also creates new problems due to quarrels and bad behavior. Alcohol is also closely related to depression. The ability to bear mental stress is reduced in the elderly. They find difficult tasks even more difficult. Alcohol also induces insomnia, which further increases anxiety. The solution to the problem becomes the problem itself. Mir Kya is very simple, because of which he got sick, he takes medicine from this Attar’s londe. Drugs, alcohol and other addictions destroy the peace and tranquility of homes. People suffering from addictions do not take the first step towards reformation themselves, it is carried by those who love them. The treatment decision emerges from the healthy minds around the patient.

Drug abuse makes you sick and helpless. This disease is devastating. However, rest assured it is treatable. There are many ways to recover from drug, alcohol and other addictions. Not everyone needs admission. If the addiction is starting, the patient does not need to come to the treatment. Families can help their loved one get rid of the addiction through training. If the disease is very old, admission is necessary. It is our responsibility to explain to you how to create desire and passion for treatment in the patient. Sadaqat Clinic is an unparalleled addiction treatment center, where clients unleash their creativity and rebuild their lives. Make the decision that the patient cannot make, we take the responsibility to bring him home and get rid of addiction. Sadaqat Clinic is an unparalleled addiction treatment center. Why should addiction be the destiny of your loved one? Get in touch now.