How to Choose Best Friends?

Life outside the home is full of difficulties, but still many people decide to run away from home. They dream of a life outside the home and think that after running away from home, their life will be free from all the problems they face at home. But for those who run away from home, trouble greets them and they often end up homeless, engage in theft, or turn to selling drugs or body trafficking in an attempt to make money. Start doing. Amna Javed is working as a Clinical Psychologist at Sadaqat Clinic. He completed M-S in Clinical Psychology from Center for Clinical Psychology, Punjab University in 2015. He completed his B.S from Center for Clinical Psychology, Punjab University in 2013. He is also trained in CBT, REBT, and Behavior Therapy and has an interest in Dialectical Therapy.

He has also done two research projects. One project is Cyberbullying, Resilience, Psychological Distress and Psychological Well-Being and the other is Perfectionism, Indicative Self-Responsence and Destabilizing Emotions. She has also worked as a research assistant. Running away from home is an emergency psychiatric situation, requiring immediate attention. Many people can provide support in such a situation, including the youth’s friends. Friends can help by asking if a friend of theirs is talking about running away. Solve the problem together with a friend. Talk to an adult as soon as possible and let them know that your friend is serious about running away. If you find it difficult to do this with your parents, you can also seek help from an adult, a relative, a teacher, a coach, a school counselor or a family doctor.

A trusted person will be able to help your friend. Will be able to solve his problems and support in difficult situations is very important. Good friends can help prevent such an immature move as running away from home. Therefore, it is important to learn how to choose good friends. Choosing good friends is also a skill that young people need to learn. Making friends, becoming friends, and often losing friendships are all important aspects of adolescence. Friendship is the most influential relationship of our life, because at this age friendship is very important and one of the most important decisions. Adolescence is full of emotions and thrills and is like a roller coaster that sometimes takes you up and sometimes down. Many decisions are made at this age.

At this age, the mind is not fully developed. Only the emotional mind is more developed so decisions taken in adolescence are generally not considered good decisions. Therefore, one of the 6 important decisions for young people is how to choose good friends. Young people want to stand out. They want people to believe them, appreciate them and listen to them with attention and love. People with whom we spend time and share the deepest secrets of our lives. Such people have a profound influence on our lives. Their choices, their principles and their preferences all have a profound effect on us.

Characteristics of Good Friends

  • Honest
  • Interesting
  • Listener
  • Helpful / Supportive Passionate
  • Passionate
  • Trusting / Accepting Forgiving
  • Reliable
  • Good

Friendships are an important aspect of your social life. Your friends have a lot of influence on you, that’s why you should be careful while choosing friends and make friends with people who have positive things to say. Those who have good qualities and have a positive influence on you too. There are a few characteristics that should be looked for before making friends. Do your friends have these characteristics?

Emotional Support & Guidance: Does your friend support you whenever you are feeling down in life? Good friends never leave you alone at such a time they support you and provide support whenever possible and provide advice and guidance when you need it.

Balance Transactions: Good friends always balance transactions. Friendship should be developed with people who are not only willing to take but also willing to give.

Bring Out Your Best Qualities: Good friends encourage you to be your best self. They should help you to reflect on your own qualities and drive success on their own. A good friend always refrains from taking emotional decisions and is always there to encourage you when you succeed. Like every team has a cheer squad in the sports field.

Influence & Best Communication: With a best friend you can talk openly, without hesitation. Good communication is the foundation of every relationship. Similarly, it is also one of the main factors in friendship. When talking to a friend there is no danger of hiding a thought or something from him. If you don’t change yourself while talking to him, it’s a sign of being a good friend.

Trust & Respect: A sign of a good friend is that you easily share your personal information with them and trust them to keep your secrets even in your absence. In the presence of strangers, your friend supports you and respects you and makes others respect you. Along with making good friends, it is also important to stay away from bad/toxic people. This is especially important to learn in adolescence. You know that many people claim to be friends with you but they are not your friends. It is important to avoid and stay away from such people. Who are good time friends and look after their backs in times of need.

Stay Away From Friends Who Look Down on You: Watch out for warning signs of bad friends so you don’t end up in bad company. Stay away from friends who look down on you and use bad words for you. Such actions have a very negative impact on your self-esteem and your personal worth and can lead to friendships that can be very toxic and harmful to you.

Avoid Friends Who Value Only Personal Needs: Stay away from friends who always take from you and give nothing. Who never supported you and never encouraged you. Stay away from friends who only take advantage of you and are not there to help you when you need it. Such friends are like blood-sucking insects.

Don’t Associate With People Who Only Focus on the Bad: Stay away from people who only focus on the negative side of situations. Because that way they will only waste your energy. This will also lead you to adopt a negative outlook and keep you in a negative state. So choosing friends is a very important decision and they play an important role in our life, so it is a very thoughtful decision.