How to Get Happiness?

There are numerous forms of obtaining Vashi. Every person is happy with things and things according to his nature. Conformity of nature is a necessary condition for happiness. Some people find happiness in reading books, some people find happiness in playing games, watching TV and spending their time chatting with their friends, relatives and going around and are engrossed in it all their life. Many men find pleasure in toiling from dawn till dusk, and are happy in it. Apart from proper temperament, the second condition for attaining happiness is the good mentality of a person.

Shahzad Rehmat is serving in Sadaqat Clinic Lahore as Assistant to Director. He joined Sadaqat Clinic in 1998 after graduation and is still serving here. He also conducts group counseling and sessions with patients on the disease concept, relapse, recovery and the 12-step program of Narcotics Anonymous. If the thinking is not good then happiness can never be achieved and it is difficult for people with negative thinking to feel happiness. Even if they become successful in this world according to their thinking, even if they get everything in this world, even then they cannot get real happiness. If you feel lonely and sad all the time and are looking for happiness, you can find happiness by following some methods.

Positive Thinking

Actually feelings like happiness and sadness are only related to our mental thinking. When we look for a solution, it seems as if someone has solved a puzzle, our heart fills with the same joy as when we were a child, we get joy from solving a puzzle, we feel proud of ourselves and even if we do not find a solution to the problem. The heart and mind are also satisfied with the fact that we faced the difficulty with courage and courage and after some time that difficulty does not seem to be difficult, but it creates a positive attitude in thinking.


Psychologists around the world have analyzed that busy people are generally happier and more satisfied than lazy and idle people. In fact, busyness does not give them a chance to be sad, be it home or office, take interest in work everywhere, consider work as a hobby, whether it is cleaning the house or any important project in the office, if done with effort and passion, success will be achieved. Along with this, happiness is definitely found in the completion of work itself.

Give Time to Yourself

Apart from worrying about household chores and livelihood, give time to yourself, work hard for 6 days, spend weekends with your family and dear friends, have fun outside the home with your loved ones. Give it to the house and stay with them yourself. Psychologists say that a day’s recreation with a few days of continuous mental and physical exertion is like a vitamin for human health. Make it a habit to take a walk once a day, especially in the morning, to see nature’s sights that will refresh you mentally and physically. Decorate yourself according to your status. Doing all this will also make you feel good and you will feel light and you will also find peace of mind, peace of mind is another name of happiness.

Learn to Give to Others

Always share something whether it’s a smile, a general tip or advice, money. Experts in human psychology say that human beings are naturally made in such a way that their hearts and minds are satisfied by helping others, so whoever does evil to you, do good to him. , bless him who takes something from you, pray for him who abuses you, this is the reward of mercy and those who reward mercy always live a contented life, contentment of the heart is the source of real happiness that comes from giving something. It is not obtained by taking.

Cultivate a Sense of Humor

When you are very upset, the innocent mischief of children makes you laugh, as you laugh, brain neurons calm down and these children’s mischief highlights your courage. So read and tell jokes. Good comedy programs, articles and dramas bring mental happiness. Choose happiness deliberately for yourself, try to be happy, give others the gift of smile. Smiling removes mental and physical stress, happiness is the name of mental and physical peace.