Narcissists are Magicians

Addiction patients cannot continue their addiction without the help of others. They pretend to be self-sufficient. Even reaching the extremes of despair, they try to create the impression that they do not need anyone. They want to prove with their cleverness that everything is fine, but piles of problems are clearly visible, which they use deception and trickery to hide from people’s eyes. Dr Sadaqat Ali is Project Director of Turning Point. He is a prominent drug expert of the country. His name is the most prominent in the treatment of addiction in Pakistan. After completing his MBBS from Dow Medical College, Karachi, he pursued higher education in addiction treatment from Hazelden, Minnesota, USA. So far, thousands of drug addicts have been cured by him.

Every addict is manipulative, scheming and manipulative. His sixth sense is very sharp. He devises effective strategies in advance to convince people so that people do not see the truth of the devastation caused by addiction with their eyes and realize that what they are seeing is their illusion. They are complete magicians. Some of them are scattered everywhere, but they throw dust in people’s eyes. All the signs of addiction are there for everyone to see, but the family’s attention is elsewhere. The narcissists show charisma by moving like a Samaritan magician and everyone around listens to them. A famous magician says, “We work step by step with great cleverness and skill, turning the human mind against its own logic and reason.” Addicts do the same thing.

64-year-old Jameela, a mother of 6 children, was stuck in the clutches of narcotics and sleeping pills for a long time. He did not hesitate to swallow every medicine that he got his hands on or that he persuaded his physician to take under one pretext or another. Now she started drinking alcohol and she also drinks water like a fish. She used to hide bottles of liquor in various places in the house and while searching for them, she would fall and injure herself. Ironically, she had 2 sons, a psychologist and a doctor, who ignored addiction and depression, as Jameela masterfully focused their attention on depression. For as long as the “children” could remember, they had always heard that their mother was always miserable. When he would come home from school and his mother was drunk, he would mistake it for depression. It was depression if Jamila did not attend school functions with him. When she could not focus on the household and not on her own If you could take care of Bodobash, it was also depression. The children were already convinced that their mother had depression and were not ready to consider any other possibility. A relative bravely identified the addiction and insisted on treatment.

Magicians divert your attention to show magic. This is also done by drunkards. “Deception” is a technique in which people’s eyes are tricked into seeing what the magician wants them to see. If a sorcerer gets people’s attention, he will make an elephant pass in front of their eyes which will not be seen by the people. Even the family members of Balanush are not able to see the elephant while sleeping in the house. They don’t talk about it, they don’t seem to see it all. Magicians perform spells so that people can enjoy themselves, while Blanoosh’s only purpose is to keep the drug business going anyway. Both magicians and blanoosh cannot show their magic without tricking our eyes. Eyes can be distracted, it just requires learning tricks. All of us can be drawn to a certain direction. If you act like something is very important and special, other people will immediately notice it. When you show that something doesn’t matter, other people will ignore it.

When Khalid Nazir was fired from his job, he pretended there was no problem. Told his parents and siblings that it was a dead end, there was no chance of advancement and also that he was already humbled. He said, “To tell you the truth, they have done me a favor by dismissing me because now I am free.” Seeing his cold-hearted and careless attitude, the family members did not understand what to say. When his wife blames alcohol for the dismissal, he turns his guns on her and says, “This woman is the root of all the trouble.” His chattering, rudeness, argumentativeness, dissatisfaction are not tolerable for me now. Then he started teasing the old stories and the evils of his wife started, the wife fell for her own and she started defending herself forgetting everything. The real thing became round during this time.

Balanush considers everything permissible to divert attention from drinking. An addict in particular knows very well that the best defense is to be the aggressor. Another method that patients use to throw dust in people’s eyes is to make a sudden strange movement.

A son named Shehzad did not attend his mother’s birthday party due to his drunkenness and started walking behind his mother the next morning. He surprised the mother by giving her a bouquet of flowers and said, “I wanted it to be just the two of us on my birthday and no one else. If I had come to the party yesterday evening, as usual everyone would have washed their hands and followed me. He sat beside his mother and had a delicious breakfast, drank coffee, made her laugh for a while and then he went and went. Mother did not blush with joy. Later, when the siblings criticized him, the mother strongly defended him and said, “If you all don’t get behind this poor guy, he should stay at home, don’t let him stumble in the door.” fall I know how much he loves me.

When someone takes a blunt approach to honesty and openness, it is also a cover-up. The family wants to give him the benefit of the doubt, thus this cover-up also succeeds.

When Mustafa Malik wanted to talk to his daughter Shamaila about her illness, she said to Fit, “Abu Ji, I was going to talk to you earlier, but I didn’t have the courage.” You know how many mountains fell on me after the divorce, I would have gone crazy if I had not resorted to alcohol! I am very sorry for causing you pain and assure you that everything will be fine soon.” Eventually, the daughter diverted his attention to the real problem, the divorce from alcoholism, which was actually the result of alcoholism. Beatty did what magicians do to win the trust of the audience: to create a state of mind that induces obedience. Some minds are ready, just need a fool.

Addicts make the best use of time to maintain their talisman. Avoidance prolongs the time between outbreak and control, giving families a picture of helplessness. When they return after doing some damage and the wife is looking for an opportunity to talk, they are not under control until the wife’s anger cools down. Another thing they do is that between getting drunk and talking, they also do something that will create a soft spot for them in the wife’s heart.

When Mujahid Hussain returned home after being drunk for the third consecutive day, his wife was furious. He went straight to the bed and fell down and became unaware of the world and Mafiha, in the morning he did not let his wife know and slipped away secretly, when he returned from work in the evening, he shouted from a distance. “Children! Get ready quickly, first you will have ice cream and then you will see Salman Khan’s movie Dabangg. Begum Sahiba no longer had the courage to bring up alcohol and drunkenness. What happened on the return night? Nothing. The night is over.

Magicians are successful when they master their craft and their performance is flawless. If the audience finds out what they are doing behind the scenes and they find out about the secret, then understand that their business will be shut down. If forgetfulness happens, this is the fate of drug addicts. Good performance is required every day. There is no room for error, they have to keep their grip tight all the time because then other people only see what they want to show. Their magic speaks loudly to others, for this kind of “high” performance, magicians take care of two things, what can people believe? Is it important to keep something out of sight? Narcissists also focus on two questions: Does the family know anything? And what to hide from them?

Some family members get fed up and start keeping a close eye on drug addicts. They do not trust them at all and are on the alert to catch every trick. The spell of magicians does not work on the unbelievers. When the spectators are well aware that they are being cheated, then they become alert. When families are unwilling to cheat and flat out refuse to be fooled, they think they’ve won the game, but that’s not true. The narcissist thinks that victory will always be mine, whether they obey me or not, their reaction is in my hands. In every situation my magic will speak loudly. They all do not know what will happen next. While I know for sure. ‘Everyone plays into the disease’s hands, the patient and the family, addiction rules the house. Some families report that they do not care about the patient’s addiction. Although they certainly matter. Do they want to know? Where does their reaction originate? There is also a difference.

Getting someone’s attention is like taking control of them. The addict becomes the axis around which the family’s life revolves, but the family considers addiction to be impossible. Their attention wanders here and there and they cannot find the truth. When the addiction is hidden, everyone is at the mercy of the patient and the patient is the priest of their illness. Family members’ attention wanders like a ghost, unable to directly challenge the addiction. The drinker’s goal is to persuade everyone to take steps that make drinking easier. When families share their reactions to drug addiction, it becomes immediately clear how skilled their loved one is at giving the wheel. Patients do not make any “neglect” in defending drugs, they do not let addiction come to the fore, and they don’t let addiction come to fore their faithfulness.

Balanush himself also remains a puppet in the hands of addiction. They are aware that they have problems in their lives and are related to alcohol and drugs, but they are not able to accept this view from the bottom of their hearts. There is no question of open acceptance. Happy for a long time, using drugs at every opportunity, they become convinced that addiction is their elixir. They look for something else to blame for their problems. Wife, children, work, boss, it can be anything but it cannot be blamed on drugs, because how can their nectar stream itself be the root of corruption? No way. This is the strong net of self-delusion, the Gorkha of distraction and distraction.

Drugs, alcohol and other addictions destroy the peace and tranquility of homes. People suffering from addictions do not take the first step towards reformation themselves, it is carried by those who love them. The treatment decision emerges from the healthy minds around the patient. Drug abuse makes you sick and helpless. This disease is devastating. However, rest assured it is treatable. There are many ways to recover from drug, alcohol and other addictions. It is not necessary for the patient to come to the treatment to get rid of the addiction. The family can get rid of their loved one through training. If the addiction is already established and the disease is very old, admission is necessary.

The patient has the desire and passion for treatment. It is our responsibility to explain to you how to create. Make the decision that the patient can’t make, we take it upon ourselves to get him out of the house and free from addiction. Sadaqat Clinic is an unparalleled addiction treatment center. Why should addiction be the destiny of your loved one? Get in touch now.