Why are People Taking Drugs?

When someone’s loved one uses drugs, the first thing his family starts to think about is why he took drugs. Why did he need to be drugged? Is he experiencing any anxiety or depression? Everyone in the house starts trying to find answers to these questions. There can be many reasons behind a person using drugs for the first time or having a tendency towards addiction, but there are many misconceptions in the society regarding this which are very important to remove. In our society, it is generally believed that people do drugs because they have problems, they suffer from severe mental stress, they have suffered a lot in life, they did not get love in their childhood, they They fail in love, they are away from religion, they have bad character, their home environment is not good, their training was neglected or they are spoiled. While research does not support all these assumptions.

The main reason for any person to take drugs is not character disorder but mood disorder which refers to when one’s mood and mood are not controlled by someone. He is either sad for no reason, or excited for no reason, or he is restless, or his mood is not stable, but his mood fluctuates constantly. Such people suffer from mood disorders since childhood, but their mood disorders are most severe in adolescence. Such people use drugs to cheer up their depressed mood. Use drugs to make their overactive moods more enjoyable or try to calm down with drugs to relieve their anxiety. A person with a mood disorder will gravitate toward anything that instantly lifts their mood. He uses drugs as a “jugator” to help him maintain his mood. But they forget that using drugs to improve mood is a temporary solution with harmful consequences.

It is also generally believed that people take drugs because they are under stress or tension and what else can they do to relieve their stress. If this were true, then all the people in the world would be using some kind of drug because everyone suffers from some mental confusion and anxiety at some point in their life. The fact is that people do not take drugs because of stress, but people who do not have the skills to control stress or who do not have the ability to bear stress and problems, those people use drugs to temporarily relieve their problems. They try to calm themselves down by laying back. Due to the artificial comfort that they get from drugs, they unconsciously learn that the drugs will relieve their worries, when in fact, the drugs make them temporarily unaware of all the problems. Makes you oblivious and insensitive. Such individuals need to learn how to maintain their mood in natural ways instead of artificial chemicals like cannabis.

The research revealed that children who were not allowed to face any legitimate problems from childhood, whose requests were never rejected, who never struggled to achieve their needs and desires. Children who have had to do and have been given everything without any effort have little ability to withstand stress and anxiety because they have no experience of dealing with the legitimate problems of life. Here it is also very important to understand that it is not necessary that every person uses drugs because of their mental stress. The vast majority of drug users start their addiction on a happy occasion, at an event or at a gathering of friends. After undergoing the experience of intoxicating, they begin to use drugs like flowers in both joy and sorrow. Such people need to learn how to bear stress with patience and control their stress naturally.

Addiction is also deeply rooted in society and culture. A child learns not only from his home environment but also from the media, neighborhood, friends, school environment, culture, peers and his company. The tendency to take influence from one’s peers and one’s company is most common in youth. At the age of thirteen to nineteen, the mind of the youth goes through the most critical stage in which their mind is under construction in terms of reason and wisdom, so they make decisions on emotional basis at this age and are not aware of their environment. Things are being learned. If a young person gets up in such a society at this age where smoking, alcohol consumption or other drugs are used, the chances of this young person getting addicted increase many times. Therefore, young people need to be informed from an early age about choosing good and sensible friends.

Apart from their own company, young people also learn to do drugs from their surroundings. According to a study, before the age of thirteen, a child receives four hundred times more information about how to do drugs and the benefits of drug addiction than they do about the harmful effects of drugs. This information can be seen in actors getting drunk in movies, mentions of alcohol in songs, seeing others drinking alcohol, cigars or shisha in wedding ceremonies, cigarette shops in every street even getting drunk in a house or an elder in the family. Seen in form. Seeing adults taking drugs at a young age, a child cannot infer that addiction is a harmful thing, but when he sees his elders or actors working in movies taking drugs, his brain gets this message. That addiction is not a bad thing but it is a sign of growing up. This is also done by movie heroes and it is the fashion of today. Children need to be repeatedly informed about the dangers of drug addiction from childhood.

In general, parents avoid discussing drug addiction with their children for fear of instilling in them the curiosity to do drugs. While in reality, not talking to children openly about the positive effects of drugs creates curiosity in their minds and they think that they should also take drugs and see what happens. Curiosity about addiction among young people is sometimes the reason many people take up drugs for the first time. Not communicating makes them curious and they think that they should get drunk and see what happens. Curiosity about addiction among young people is sometimes the reason many people take up drugs for the first time. Not communicating makes them curious and they think that they should get drunk and see what happens. Curiosity about addiction among young people is sometimes the reason many people take up drugs for the first time.

Psychological or mental disorders also play a very important role in the addiction of any person. According to research, three out of every four drug addicts suffer from addiction along with a psychiatric illness, including bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia or anxiety and insomnia disorders. People suffering from mental illness use drugs as a drug to temporarily relieve their mental condition. Research has also revealed that a person’s personality plays a very important role in their tendency towards addiction. Taking risks without thinking, being proud of your intelligence that nothing will happen to me, I will take care of everything, not caring about your future, always looking for “fun”, waking up at night and sleeping during the day, life. Being frivolous and careless, not wanting to learn from someone’s advice and experience, but having a desire to learn by going through this experience, having negative thoughts, thinking of oneself as helpless and oppressed, grumpy, expressing one’s feelings in the right way.

Don’ts these are all aspects that increase the tendency of any human being towards addiction. Lack of self-esteem is also one of the main reasons for drug addiction among young people. Self-esteem refers to a person’s belief about himself that he is worthy of respect and dignity. Because most young people are still searching for their personal identity at a young age and they are often dissatisfied with their personality. They feel that they have to do everything that their peers do like smoking, drinking, swearing, etc. sneaking out of school etc. They think that only when people like them, they themselves will be respectable in their own eyes. Therefore, as a result of this misunderstanding, they start using the same drugs seen by their contemporaries. Through addiction, young people try to gain artificial self-confidence and self-esteem, but all these efforts prove futile because their self-esteem and self-esteem are further damaged by taking drugs. Such youth need to improve their self-esteem by improving their character and enhancing their abilities.

Among drug addicts there are also some people who are introduced to addiction by accident, for example when they are given a painkiller injection by a doctor in case of an injury or a long night of sleeplessness. In case it is advised to use narcotic drugs from the doctor or from the medical store. They continue to administer these drugs or injections in ignorance and believe that if a drug is purchased from a medical store, it will surely be safe, whereas it is a form of addiction. Also, some people are put on drugs secretly or at a very young age for sexual interests, after which they become addicted to it. All individuals may have different reasons for starting addiction, but the reason one starts addiction does not make one an addict. Some of the drug addicts become drug addicts and get addicted to drugs which cannot be left from them. There is a difference between being an addict and being an addict.

An addict is a person who does not like the addiction but still cannot stop taking drugs. Addiction is a hereditary disease and the reason why a person becomes an addict is the inherited physical system in which the drug cannot be safely digested in his body, but because of the addiction, the toxins in his body. Substances begin to form, causing toxic effects on the body and mind. It then requires treatment to get rid of all these effects. But there is a need to teach today’s youth how to lead a happy and enjoyable life without drugs so that they don’t have to resort to drugs to get fun and happiness.