10 Things an Autistic Child Wants From Us

Just as being overweight or having poor eyesight does not cover our entire personality, autism is only one aspect of a child’s personality. Just as we do not give full weight to someone’s visual impairment, we do not set total expectations of a child on the basis of autism, and it would be cruel if we did. , because then you will set very low expectations and what may be the child’s natural reaction when your speech, tone of voice and gestures make him think that he can’t do anything special in life. ? This is why I should try. “

My senses are a messed up scam.

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This means that common sights, sounds, smells/smells, tastes and everyday touches that may mean nothing to you may be painful to me. The environment I have to live in does not look friendly to me. I may seem lost or conflicted, but I’m just trying to protect myself. For example, one cycle of Al-Fatah can be doomsday for me. I overhear every little sound, lots of people talking at once. The music and announcements, the ringing of cash registers, the packing of goods, the mincing of meat, the dragging of trolleys, the jingling of bright lights, all this can be too much for me to bear. My brain can’t censor, can’t filter out the junk sounds like yours. I have to see, hear and smell it all. My sense of smell in particular can be overwhelming. If there is a smell of fish, a person sweats if I’m drunk, pee in a baby’s nappy, you’re fine, but not me. I feel nauseous, dangerously so. So what do you do? Something to think about!

And I had to rely on sight anyway for what I needed because I’m a weak communicator so I tend to focus on things a bit more. Tube light not only looks sharp, it performs. The room feels pulsing and it makes my eyes see. Flashing lights seem to push everything and the atmosphere changes from moment to moment. Many things enter my vision like the rays of light coming from the window, the fan whirring round and round on the ceiling and many moving objects, but I tend to ignore the unnecessary things. It affects my balance and coordination with the environment and I can’t even tell where I am. Like opening an eye in a hospital after an accident. Where am I?

Please remember to distinguish between “I can’t” and “I don’t want to”.

Not that I don’t listen to instructions. The truth is, I don’t understand. This is what I hear when you call to me from the end of the room and issue some command, “And rupees, taseen, and two you better come close to me, look at me and say in simple words. What to do? : “Tasin! Put your book in the drawer.” “It’s time to eat.” How do I know what you want from me? And what’s next? I never know the next step in time when you explain it makes it easy for me to follow your order. I am a “concrete” thinker. This means that I cannot understand jokes and idioms. I also remember spoken words by their dictionary meanings.

When you say “Don’t build a mountain of rye” or “This is not auntie’s house”, or “Let’s drown in the water” or “It’s a left handed game” or when you say which sky will break. So I get very confused. Please say “it’s trivial” “it’s not easy”. “It didn’t work well.” “It’s an easy job.” And “what trouble will come”. Idioms, sarcasms, doubts, examples get lost in the alleys of my mind. Remember Kiss’ “Keep It Simple and Straight”.

My vocabulary is low, just live.

When I don’t have words, I can’t tell you what I need or feel and I’m left with my mouth. I may be hungry, thirsty, anxious, scared or confused and at the same time at a loss for words. Therefore, you yourself should be aware of why I am angry at the end and why I am sad. Work from my actions and style. You are Cheyenne, aren’t you? The other extreme of this is that sometimes I use big words in my conversation that have no place or place, that is, small mouth big talk, so I listen to it from here and there. I have a good memory so I remember many long sentences.

That is, I am not a professor or a star, I just copy. Because I know that when you say something, I know that when you say something, I also have to take my turn to speak. This can be through talk, TV, movies, books and songs. In psychological parlance, this is called “echo taking” meaning repeating what has been heard. I do not know the meaning of what I am saying. So please forgive my insolence. I am just trying my best. Some say that people say, Ghalib Ghazal was not finished today?

Since my language skills are weak, I watch very carefully. It will be easier for me if you explain it with practical demonstration instead of only words. If you have to do this again and again, then don’t take heat at all, after all, you have a claim to love me, because it becomes easier for me to tell and show it again and again. If my time table or schedule is in front, it is very easy for me to know what to do next and I can meet your expectations. You can also take help from this website. This web will help you to do something and I will be fine.

Even when I grow up, seeing and doing something will continue to help me. It may be needed less than before. Pictures help me until I learn to read. Then the words will also help and finally only words, pictures will not be needed. Please focus on the things I can do instead of obsessing over the things I can’t do. It will never be possible for me, like a human being, to learn and develop in any environment. In which to make me feel that “you can’t do anything” and don’t believe in the words of damned ghosts, if I fear criticism.

So I don’t want to waste anything. If you look for virtues in me, you will find them too. There is no one way to do things, many roads lead to Rome. I don’t understand idioms the way you do, so please don’t talk to me like that. I am risking my life for your convenience.

Help me grow relationships

It would seem that I do not want to participate in sports with other children. But the truth is, I just don’t know how to initiate things and when something is happening, it’s a bit difficult to get involved at first. If you explain to the other children how to gently encourage me to play with you, I will definitely play. I can participate well in activities that have simple rules and regulations. Nothing is understood from the initial language. I can’t even know their feelings. So in my relationships with others I need constant guidance. What to do on what occasion? For example, when I cry and laugh, it doesn’t mean I had fun, but I didn’t know what to say. For example, “You didn’t get hurt?” “

Losing moods, throwing tantrums, tantrums, yelling, whatever you want to call them is just as painful for me as it is for you, often because some of my five senses become overactive. If you can find this secret, the chances of me throwing up will be reduced. If you start writing such opportunities. So soon I will look like an open book to you. Remember! All gestures are actually conveying a message. Provided we listen, the more you guess about me, the sooner your guesses will come true. Even if I don’t tell, you’ll know what’s bothering me.

Parents also keep in mind that if I go on messing up, there may be some physical pain behind it. Food allergies, sensitivities, sleep disorders and indigestion can all make my behaviors worse. After all, everyone does. Blood pressure and diabetes patients also suffer when these diseases are uncontrolled. If you are my parents or blood relatives, then give me unconditional love, don’t raise the standards for love every day.

Remove such thoughts from your mind. If I start saying this and “after all, why can’t she do this?” After all, you didn’t fulfill all the expectations of your parents, didn’t you? You also thought it was bad to taunt them again and again, didn’t you?” remember! I have autism, not you. Without your support, it would not be easy for me to set the milestones of success. With your hands-on support and encouragement, I can exceed your expectations. This is my promise to you. If you work hard and smart with me, I won’t let you down, I’ll shine! I will go to Sunor.

And finally three words patience! Patience! Patience

Learn to see autism as an ability rather than a disability. Forgive my weaknesses and look at the abilities that autism has given me. But have you seen that I do not lie? The game doesn’t cheat in spectacles, I don’t throw phrases at others, I don’t make excuses, and in my obsession to understand many things carefully and to know the details, I become Einstein, Mozat or Dan Goh. Maybe I can find a solution to Alzheimer’s disease. What can be said about the future? What can be said about one’s future? Why should only I be viewed with negative expectations? But what will become of me? A lot of it depends on whether you have a waistline or not. You are the architect of my future. If I don’t understand some social limits and restrictions, then they let go be my supporter. Be my friend and then together we will see how far I can go.