Benefits of Expressing Gratitude Throughout The Year

Expressing gratitude on a daily basis has many benefits. Research shows that expressing gratitude makes us happier. The human brain is designed in such a way that negative thoughts attract our attention more strongly than positive thoughts. Negative thoughts keep circulating in our mind for a long time. By expressing gratitude regularly, your brain automatically learns to prioritize positive thoughts.

It has been found that practicing gratitude can lead to better health, increased energy, better relationships, and a more positive attitude. It also helps reduce depression and improve your mood. You don’t have to thank people only. It’s just as important to be grateful for the little things, like waking up in the morning, seeing the sun shine, having fresh water to drink or enjoying good health.

The following measures can be adopted to continue to express gratitude in life and increase happiness.

  • Write down three things you are grateful for in a journal on a daily basis.
  • Express your gratitude by writing an email to someone from your personal or professional life.
  • Do any small act of kindness or compassion. Doing something good for others makes us feel good about ourselves. Open the door for a stranger or clean a room in the house that you don’t normally do.
  • Engage in meditation and mindful activities. At first, of course, you should only do these activities for five minutes. If they work for you, you can gradually increase their duration.
  • Expressing gratitude requires nothing but your time and effort. We never know when our expression of gratitude will make someone’s day. Try it and see how you feel.