A Thirty Five Minute Flight

Editor: Javed Chaudhry
I was sitting next to the window and my friend was in the first seat the middle seat was empty I asked the air hostess can we both sit together the air hostess smiled and replied sir this is the seat book you are taking off After that, the seat will be adjusted from the passenger. We started waiting for the passenger. A few moments before the doors of the plane were closed, the passenger came. He was an old man and looked sick.

I offered him you take the window seat, we friends want to sit together, but he shook his head and rejected my offer and he jumped and sat in the middle. He was coming out from both sides. Due to this, I was pressed against the plane wall while my friend was hanging half out of the seat. The fat man’s body was also smelling unpleasant. Our conversation stopped, I took out tasbih from my pocket and started reciting while my friend opened his mobile phone and sat down. It was the most difficult flight of my life. Breathing a sigh of relief, we came out of the airport

I asked my friend how was the trip he laughed and said great I have downloaded books on my mobile phone I kept reading books during the trip I asked are you not disturbed by the fat man he started laughing It was two minutes but then I adjusted and stuck my elbow and ribs in his stomach and kept reading the book quietly. But when I got lost in the book, the sowing stopped. I looked at him in surprise and then said, “But I was tired during the whole journey, my breath was confused. It will be over he laughed and said I used to get worried in such a situation but then I found a solution to my problem now I can adjust I stopped and looked at him carefully he said we only 35 minutes of this fat Companions ofHe came, he sat down, the plane flew, the plane landed, and we were separated. Who was he, where did he come from, and where did he go?

We don’t know, if you had adjusted these 35 minutes, you wouldn’t have suffered. For example, when the fat man sat between us, I immediately calculated the time. I realized that it was only 35 minutes of pain. So instead of focusing on the fat man’s obesity, I started reading a book. My pain was gone in a few minutes. Estimate the duration and your difficulty will be easy.

I asked him from whom did you learn this art, he laughed and said, I learned this art from my father. He used to tear down our balls, he used to go out into the street and stop our game. I was very upset. One day I complained to my father. Tenant is it has come and it will go.

We should wait for him to go instead of fighting and messing with him. Because of this, you will not be able to enjoy life after that, so I suggest you focus on your life, focus on your happiness, people like this and others will come and go, they are today and tomorrow. Will not be.

What do you need to spoil your mood? I was a kid and I didn’t agree with my dad but our neighbor really moved after two months and we started playing in the street with the old spirit. My father used to tell me about my uncle when I was a child. Our grandfather died and my father inherited a house. The house was taken over by my father’s uncle. Instead of fighting with my uncle, my father sued for ownership and They slowly fought the case.

After five years the decision was made in my father’s favor but the uncle did not vacate the house. Got it my father said when uncle took over our house I was very angry but then I thought if I fight with him I will get injured and so this house will go back and enmity will come forward. We will also go to police stations and courts.

Our time and money will be wasted and we won’t even get a house. Uncle is an old man. How long will he live? So I sued and slowly continued suing until uncle passed away and I got my house. I got it and my patience was rewarded. When my uncle occupied the house, it was just a house. In eight years, our street became commercialized, the price of the house increased twenty times, so I got the house and the value also increased twenty times.

During this time, I went to my office with satisfaction, I took care of my children and I also continued to enjoy the joys of life. Calculate the duration and concentrate on some constructive task, you will not feel that pain. went.

This point was new and strange to me. I asked him if this is your routine. He laughed and said yes, whenever someone hurts me, I say in my heart that this is today’s issue, it will not happen tomorrow. Why should I waste my today and tomorrow because of this and my pain ends I asked for example he said for example that fat person was only 35 minutes of pain we only had to spend 35 minutes and that pain left our lives. For example, someone cheats on me.

I laugh at both the person and the cheat and move on. Believe me, both the cheat and the person become a forgotten story for me after a few days. I have had countless difficult bosses and terrible colleagues in my career. I used to say it has come and it will go, why do I need to waste my life? I also always thought about the dreaded colleague, it is the shortest passenger on a short journey, it will land at its destination or I will go to my stop.

Why do I need to fight this? Believe me, my difficult boss is gone and my terrible colleagues are gone and so my journey continues. My life is fun and fun. Life is a 35 minute flight, don’t spoil your trip because of a fellow passenger, look at the pain period and focus on something else, you will have a good life too I nodded yes.

He sat in his car and I went to my office but that day and today is the day I repeat to myself whenever I am in trouble or suffering it’s a 35 minute flight it will be over And I’ll soon forget this pain I won’t even remember tomorrow I once sat with a passenger who took my breath away and stuck me to the wall like a poster Life The journey is very short.

If we make this short journey a complaint office, then this short journey will be difficult. We will be thousands of miles behind our destination. Our suffering will end.