Child Protection Training Principles

Writer: Attar Zahra

Child Protection Training Principles

One issue that has come to the fore in contemporary issues is the sexual abuse of minors. Psychological science has provided effective help regarding human behavior. There, even on such delicate and sensitive issues, psychology has clarified some ways to control the situation through progress.

According to the African Psychological Association, a child cannot consent to sexual intercourse but resists such an attempt by adults, hence it is an immoral crime. Which cannot be accepted in the society. In order to protect children from sexual violence, it is important that parents train them through communication with children. Some important things that should be done with children are mentioned here.

The first thing parents should do is to teach children the real names of their genitals. Children cannot communicate about these organs due to not knowing the actual (anatomical) names. Just as we teach children the names of all the organs, this is the stomach, this is the legs, so teach the names of the sensitive parts so that they can easily discuss this sensitive topic with their parents.

Also, teach your children that they are the boss of all their body parts. They are independent in the matter of who will touch their body. Monitor their play and if an older sibling is touching them against their will. tickling So, respect the child’s feelings and prevent the older sibling from lashing out. When you teach a child to respect their feelings, you are actually making them a strong person who cannot say no to being touched in an unwanted way. Tell all the relatives and friends of this art that if he does not like it, do not forcefully touch it. Don’t even insist the child hug or kiss close relatives. Sometimes this is objectionable for relatives. But explain them in a proper manner that it is more important than good manners for the child that he learns to protect himself. In such a case Respect for feelings is very important. So of course the relatives will not be offended. In this case, many important training is to teach the children to distinguish between the three ways of touching.

These three methods are explained in such a way that safe touch refers to touch that allows the child to feel safe. Such touch is very important for their mental development. Such touch gives comfort, satisfaction and happiness to the baby. His courage and confidence increases. A touch that lets your baby know that you care and are important to you. These include laps, hugs, putting an arm around the shoulders, kissing and sitting on the back. While insecure touching is the opposite, it is a way that makes the child mentally and physically unsafe, such as slapping, pushing, pinching, and kicking. Do not tolerate in any way. Besides, touching them without their consent can also be condemned. No one is torturing them and touching them appropriately. But If the child does not consent, then it is not appropriate to forcefully touch the child. Practice saying “no” with a firm but gentle tone. This helps a lot in setting personal boundaries. Apart from this, there is another very inappropriate way of touching in which one touches the sensitive parts of the child which only the parents can touch or a doctor can touch them in the presence of the parents to treat an illness or injury. .

  • Here are some safety rules to teach children early.
  • It is not at all appropriate to touch one’s sensitive, delicate and sexual parts.
  • No one is allowed to touch their private parts in front of others.
  • It is inappropriate for anyone to ask you to touch their private parts.
  • No one can ask you to take your clothes off in front of anyone.
  • No one can take your picture without clothes.
  • It is also unacceptable that someone shows you pictures or videos of people who are naked.
  • You are free to decide who can touch you, who can kiss you, who can hug you. And enable him to say “no”.

Apart from this, it is also necessary to tell some rules regarding what should be done if the child is exposed to a dangerous situation. If such a person speaks to you against your will, forbid it. Quickly run away from this place. And don’t stay anywhere alone with that person in the future. Keep your self-belief strong. You didn’t do anything. If someone touches you inappropriately, tell a parent or guardian immediately. If the person threatens not to tell anyone, do not take his threat seriously. Don’t keep any secret that makes you unsatisfied. In any case, stay away from the person who touched you inappropriately. Do not be in the company of anyone whose presence makes you feel unsatisfied and unsatisfied.