Are Your Colleagues Always Busy on the Phone?

He saw many people sitting in the restaurant busy on their phones. One woman even felt disgusted by her husband’s constant phone calls. She was trying to talk but it looked like she was only talking to herself. This is my own image and it is not just a few people’s problem. Many people worry about their partner’s excessive use of their phone in today’s world. But why is that? Because spending too much time on the phone limits their time together. This behavior has become very common even though it is considered very bad and frowned upon.

A study by McDaniel and Coyne last year revealed that excessive use of smartphones can interfere with people’s relationships and dating. A partner being constantly busy on the phone can create negative feelings in the heart of the other. It also creates feelings of irritation and resentment which are very harmful for any relationship and especially for married life. Your partner may even suspect that he is being cheated on over the phone.

Similarly, Hanna Krasnova’s research examines this issue from a new angle. Krasnova included men and women between the ages of 26 and 40 in her research. People of this age group are also more likely to use their phones and are looking for a partner or living with a partner. The research revealed that women are slightly more anxious and depressed by their partner’s excessive phone use and may even question or start doing the same themselves. Men showed slightly better reactions and less depression.

Previous research has shown that humans are irritated by many things in romantic relationships, and in today’s era, smartphones are at the top. One of the reasons may be that they know that their partner may cheat on them by having a relationship with someone else over the phone. Thus, excessive use of smart phones is creating problems in marital relations.