Children’s Emotional Intelligence

How can emotional intelligence be developed in children? Let us tell you.

Emotional intelligence refers to being aware of one’s own emotions and feelings, controlling them, and caring about the emotions and feelings of others. It is a sign of intelligence. People who not only understand the stress caused by their work, but also manage it properly, are using their emotional intelligence correctly. According to psychologists, this is called emotional intelligence or emotional intelligence. People with good emotional intelligence not only understand their emotions and feelings but also use them in a healthy way, which greatly improves their quality of life.

The following methods are very useful to increase children’s emotional intelligence.

Farah Shafiq is working as a Psychologist at Willingways Lahore. He has done MSc Applied Psychology from Punjab University Lahore. He completed Advanced Diploma in Clinical Psychology from Center for Clinical Psychology in 2010. Farah Shafiq has served as a Trainee Clinical Psychologist in the Child Psychiatry Ward of Mayo Hospital. During training, he examined and treated children with psychological problems.


All of us know that every child comes into the world with their own unique temperament. As parents, we have no control over this. Can boost mood. You will be happy to know that as a parent, providing your children with a peaceful environment can greatly increase their inner happiness.


Children who are highly competent have a greater ability to control their emotions in any difficult situation. Therefore, enhance children’s competence to help them grow in emotional intelligence.


Busy is very important for children. Being busy is a source of protection for them, but it is not necessary to overwork them so that they cannot work from fatigue. Keeping children busy with other tasks for a certain period of time increases their intelligence. .


is peace of mind. According to many research reports, being physically and mentally happy helps in increasing children’s emotional intelligence.


Build confident, dignified relationships with your children. This will boost their self-esteem and help develop emotional intelligence.


is the improvement of any work. When you set a goal, if you continue with persistence to achieve it, you will achieve it very quickly. This is the quality of emotional intelligence of children. It also helps in increasing.

Optimistic Attitude

Optimistic attitude and positive thinking help children develop emotional intelligence. Always teach this to children. This will add four moons to his personality. By following the above points, you can improve the personality of children. But remember, children learn from you, so make it your own.