Raw Wine

Raw wine is also popularly known as “country wine”. It also has regional names Kupi and Shapar. But raw wine makes its drinkers sleepy. Raw liquor is widely consumed in the villages of Pakistan and India. There is also a common myth that raw wine increases the male sex drive. Even body parts get damaged. Like it destroys the liver later, it destroys the vision first, the intoxication is not killed first, according to an estimate in 2014, and the death rate of raw alcohol drinkers was 26-54%.

Farah Shafiq is working as a Psychologist at Willing Ways Lahore. He has done MSc Applied Psychology from Punjab University Lahore. He completed Advanced Diploma in Clinical Psychology from Center for Clinical Psychology in 2010. Farah Shafiq has served as a Trainee Clinical Psychologist in the Child Psychiatry Ward of Mayo Hospital. During training, he examined and treated children with psychological problems.

Nowadays, the increase in these numbers is increasing. Desi liquor is made by people in their homes in villages. Which can be very dangerous and fatal, if a man sees the process of its making, he will hate wine, how rotten fruits are chosen for him, then those rotten fruits. And it is put in a pitcher with other ingredients and buried underground.

The alcohol produced by such a dirty process is a killer poison for human lives, every day the news of deaths due to raw alcohol comes out on newspapers and TV, as according to a newspaper report, poisonous raw alcohol in Karachi 23 People were swallowed, many of whom lost their ability to hear and speak, and many are hospitalized.

Has anyone thought to prevent this? Any legal action against the makers of such toxic raw liquor? People were dying from raw alcohol, but why is the government silent and dumb? According to a recent newspaper report, the death toll of those who drank poisoned liquor in Toba Tek Singh on December 27 has risen to 31. 17 people, including the woman, are in a life and death struggle and the rest have been shifted to the hospital. The chemical name of alcohol is ‘ethyl alcohol’. The death toll is alarmingly high worldwide, but the raw liquor, methyl alcohol, also known as wood alcohol, is fatal if taken in large quantities. Toxic raw liquor is formed due to improper distillation process. Lead wastes are also included in the names.

Why is the government silent on the deaths due to toxic raw liquor? No checks and balances are put in place to prevent this. Even in the religion of Christianity, alcohol is not halal, so what is the purpose of issuing special quotas and permits? These quotas and permits are nominal in reality, under the cover of which nefarious business is conducted and millions of precious lives are lost due to this. Lawmakers should ensure health regulations to prevent this, so that precious lives can be saved.