Famous Personalities and Successful Married Life

Famous people’s marriages and divorces are seen daily in western news channels, but now in Pakistan, you can see and hear it every day. A television host. Recently, Aamir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom faced obstacles in their marriage. Celebrities are wanted by millions of people. Media has a very important role behind it. There are some very special personalities who are not like us, but some personalities are just like us, as we are doing, so are they. The significant difference between those personalities and us can be wealth, fame or good looks. Seeing them sitting in front of the TV, computer, it seems that we cannot do the same work as they can do, but the reality is not this, it is the opposite because they are also human beings like us.

Why celebrities face problems in their married life? What could be the factors behind it? Let’s find out in this article.

Role of Media

Media spreading rumors about celebrities and then commenting on them can lead to problems in married life. Think for yourself that if you are married and whatever you are doing or saying or spending time with someone and those pictures are taken up and given to the media on which people comment with pepper spices, then you How would it feel? When people start commenting on your life, you will be upset and it will affect your married life as well.

Chemistry Factor

An important factor in the married life of important personalities can also be temporary love at a young age. Endorphins and hormones called oxytocin play an important role when two lovers have strong chemistry. This temporary love makes you believe at the time that this relationship can be good and long lasting, but then it may not be the same in the future.

Psychological Aspect

A person who wants his wedding to be a grand affair is actually trying to get the attention of his family and friends or engages in a world of fantasy/fantasy that I am a prince that day. Or look like a princess. Such a marriage gives the impression of a fairy tale love. A successful marriage is one in which you seek to know each other and yourself. As before planning the wedding ceremony with your spouse, plan how to conduct the wedding. The other thing is ego. It is ego that destroys relationships, the marriage needs to be focused on instead of ego.

There are three levels of decision-making in marriage:

Your needs, your spouse’s needs, and your needs as a married couple. If both of you are celebrities, then a bit more attention may be required. The attention you get from fans creates ego in you and this ego starts to spoil your relationship and then it starts showing unpleasant results. The psychological aspect also includes being able to understand your spouse’s needs and feelings. If your spouse fights and his current behavior reflects that these problems have been with him for a long time, then your marriage is in danger. There is also a risk if your spouse suffers from a mental illness such as mood disorders or has relationships with other girls. If he uses drugs, this will affect your marriage. One of the reasons for the difficulties in married life may be that you are overloaded with work, due to which you do not spend quality time with your children and family.

The Aspect of Habit

You need a turning point to make this journey from love to marriage. Relationships fail when they are not prepared. It is important to have appropriate and realistic preferences. Each person has their own experiences, habits and beliefs, which may or may not be healthy. Describes the lifestyle of a couple. Maybe both of you are happy with all these activities or one of you is happy with it. Like the bricks of a house, these habits can be strong or weak. If you want to make a successful marriage, not only for yourself but also for your marriage, then prioritize and plan. There are very few personalities who are like us. Instead of this is because the ego makes you feel that no one is in control of you.

The Work Factor

Oftentimes celebrities have to stay away from home due to work, which can weaken your marriage. A successful relationship is one in which your partner makes time for you along with his work and assures us that we will always be together. In order to have a good married life, you have to prioritize your marriage and not your profession. Prolonged distance or separation weakens the bond of your married life. Celebrities have to maintain relationships with other people in showbiz. And sometimes this same character can turn into off-screen love and this match creates hurdles in married life.

The Family Factor

Makes you feel unloved by your spouse’s family, leading to isolation at times. Where the family is in control, this is where marriage begins to suffer. Due to cultural differences, it becomes difficult for the spouse to live with such a family. Power imbalances between spouses and family members are important in the breakdown of a marriage, this imbalance may be related to fame, wealth, education, success or anger. In Eastern culture it is important to have a strong support to reduce the barriers to married life. Family support can reduce these difficulties, but if such support is not available, the chances of a good marriage can be reduced.

The Money Factor

Individuals can earn a lot of money. That is why they do not think so much about financial matters while giving divorce. On the contrary, common people also think about financial problems and what will happen if they get divorced. How will the expenses be met?