E-Cigarettes Pose a Major Threat to Youth Health

According to the report of the American surgeon.

“E-cigarettes are a major threat to the health of young people”

According to the Surgeon General of the United States, e-cigarettes are a major threat to the health of the young generation. In a recent report, Surgeon General Vivek Marthe has listed all the dangers of e-cigarettes and highlighted ways in which the youth can win the battle against the harms of tobacco. Miss Atrat Zahra Naqvi is working as a psychologist at Wellingways and Sadaqat Clinic Lahore. He obtained his MSc Nafisat degree from Punjab University with First Class and Advanced Diploma in Clinical Psychology. He completed his professional training from Gangaram Hospital under Dr. Iram Bukhari. He worked at DHQ Hospital in Chiniot as a Psychiatrist on Excise Project.

Marthe says that smoking is by no means risk-free. Even if it is in the form of e-cigarettes, they also revealed that the increasing use of e-cigarettes among young people is an alarming cause as its increasing use encourages young people to switch to tobacco and other products made from it.

Dr. J. Taylorhayes of the Mayo Clinic also agrees with this report. He says there is a dramatic increase in the use of e-cigarettes among school students. Since they started the investigation in 2011, the number has quadrupled, especially in the last month. This is also a dangerous practice, because we don’t know what the effects will be on the health of young people in the age of e-cigarettes, and we don’t even understand the public health risks of young people using e-cigarettes. Will the US Surgeon General has rightly explained that “You are not experimenting on your child”.

Dr. J. Taylorhayes has further explained that e-cigarettes are not as harmful to health as regular cigarettes. Hitherto hidden. But it is certain that our young generation is getting addicted to nicotine due to its use and they are sure to turn to other drugs in the future.

It would be a great tragedy if another generation of Americans had to fight the tobacco epidemic. Parents, teachers, policy makers and all those concerned with public health should make every possible effort to raise the next generation to be a tobacco and nicotine free generation. Some of the measures given in the report that can lead to a reduction in the use of e-cigarettes are as follows.

  • Donations should be collected at all levels for the “Tobacco Control Program” under the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.
  • The prices of tobacco products should be increased.
  • Enforcement of no-smoking laws should be ensured.
  • Advertising campaign should be conducted through mass media.

However, the harms of e-cigarettes among young people are still ongoing. However, the US Food and Drug Administration has strictly enforced regulations on all tobacco products. The regulations that became effective at the beginning of 2016 are as follows. Photo ID required at time of purchase. It is prohibited to put tobacco products without covers into the vending machine. Free sample distribution is also prohibited.

According to the FDA, the regulations protect consumers and protect them from disease and illness caused by avoidable tobacco. So these tips may work for you. Try nicotine replacement therapy. Avoid situations and places that trigger you. Delay smoking Wait at least 10 minutes if prompted. Use chewing gum. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that I’m just going to have one cigarette, contact the experts for help.