Face is the Mirror of Your Personality

Writer: Sagar Sethi

Editor: Saharsh Sarfraz

Our face is the main visible part of our body. Some people say that our face is a magic mirror that reveals the hidden emotions and thoughts of our personality. However, some people say that our face can hide our secret thoughts and feelings that we don’t want others to see. We cannot hide our feelings of hate, happiness and excitement and they show through our facial expressions.

It is difficult for a person in any situation to control their facial expressions but one can control them through practice. The buyer is there, you are negotiating to lower the price, and then the joy of buying the car and the expression on your face are showing the seller that you will definitely buy this car at any price. So it’s possible that he won’t cut the price and you can take huge losses.

Likewise, your desire to run away from a boring meeting or family function may be an offense to others who are trying to make the event pleasant and relaxed. As we say the face is the mirror of our heart so it is also a cultural mirror and it also reflects the situation we are dealing with. For example people of different culture have different faces and shapes. Chinese people have small eyes, African people have strong bodies and black complexion, and Asian people have white and wheatish complexion. There are various wrinkles on the face as the person is going through constant stress and their face can show this stress with a pale complexion.

If we think of a conversation with people whose faces and movements are very expressive and expressive, they tell you a story about a problem, and you see the expression lines on their face. Their eyes widen with excitement, their mouth droops down and their teeth start to show. As a result, such people can also tell humorous stories with similar expressions, but in such stories, they have a permanent smile on their face. Facial expressions have different meanings in men and women. Several researchers suggest that if a woman is not smiling, it may be possible for people to think she is angry. Time smiles.

According to cultural conditioning, women have learned that they always have to smile so that people will like them even though they don’t want to smile. Men who are intelligent are seen as serious, similarly women with this impression are considered unfriendly and undesirable, but in both genders, the style and expression convey different meanings and objects. In our society, men have a status that the expressions of power they show are like any other facial expressions, but in our society, women do not show power but they show expressions that are enthusiastic and welcoming. Are related to these perceptions vary from one culture to another. In every culture, men do not necessarily have power and women do not. However, movements and expressions are different in every culture.

Gill, of the University of Glasgow, and colleagues conducted a study in which they asked observers to rate the perceptions of dominance, confidence, and attractiveness to different perceptual objects. Feedback reflects attributes and not emotions.

High Dominance: Nose picking and wrinkling and lip smacking.

Low Dominance: Fluctuating eyebrows, showing dimples, straightening and slightly lowering the lips.

High Trustwothiness: Raising eyebrows, deepening the lines between the nose and mouth, and smiling.

Low Trustwothiness: Narrowing of eyes, scrunching of nose, flaring of nostrils, squinting, and parting of lips.

High Attractiveness: Fluctuating eyebrows, smiling and pulling back the lips with a slight smile.

Low Attractiveness: Puckering of the eyelids, upturning of the nose, parting of the lips and pulling back.

Now we talk about personality, this question comes in our mind again and again that personality is written on the face? Researchers have discovered a link between face and personality. There is also a model of personality called the Big Five Model of personality. A study was conducted in which five major attributes were examined in 834 faces. It showed that people who score high on agreeableness have higher eyebrows and slightly smaller foreheads. However, being high in Conscientiousness is also associated with upturned eyes and widening of the eyebrows and wide open eyes. The results clearly show that personality traits are associated with face. However, many researchers are working in the same field to get more clear and detailed results.