Happy New Year of the Beasts

Ten days ago, when people were celebrating the arrival of the new year, “New Year’s Eve” i.e. the last night of 2016, dancing, singing, making new resolutions for the coming year, some to themselves, some to others, the same. Night In a street of Bangalore, a city famous for technology and development in India, two motorcyclists stopped the unfortunate daughter of an Eve, forcibly kissed her, grabbed her and after watching the horror, rolled her to the ground. You can watch this monstrosity on YouTube. No normal person can control himself after seeing this scene? The pulses begin to crackle and the blood pressure rises, lava starts flowing instead of blood in the veins. Look at that poor woman, she couldn’t do anything but get attacked by the beasts.

This is not just an incident of how many girls are robbed every day, but because it was caught on camera, the tragedy in Bangalore spread across the world. If you look at the news, you will find that In the last ten years, the obsession with sexual brutality and humiliation has increased tremendously in India. From college girls to elderly women and young children to tourists have become victims of this brutality. As human beings, as well as as a neighboring country, this is of great concern to us because cultural invasion and brutality cross borders faster than terrorism. If you don’t believe it, attend a wedding in the modern homes of India and Pakistan and “find the difference”.

According to many self-proclaimed intellectuals, the main reason for this is the promotion of the growing trend of shorter and shorter dresses for women in India. A short dress may mislead men into knowing a woman’s character, but calling it a reason for rape is like looking for an excuse for brutality. Imagine being the brother of a sister who has been robbed of her dignity and instead of getting justice, more mud is being thrown at her. Moreover, it is clear from the camera that the victim was wearing full and very appropriate clothes.

The main reason for this lust and appetite is show business. Indian films influence the entire subcontinent. You will find around you from IG police to smugglers who are inspired by Amitabh Bachchan in their respective “fields”. Until ten or fifteen years ago, the hero was the guardian of women’s honor and the heroine never allowed the hero to go beyond dancing and singing. Without getting married, and nowadays? Nowadays, more and more promiscuity is a sign of the hero-heroine being “cool”. It has been a long time since I heard the word “pop” meaning sin in Indian films.

In Sattar Ki Dhai, Raj Kapoor started as a producer with films in which a semi-exciting scene drew people back to the cinema again and again. From Dimple Kapadia, Mandakani, Zeenat Aman, Kami Katkar, Mamata Kulkarni, Katrina Kaif to Sunny Leone, this world of glamor turned into a sex frenzy. Nowadays in the age of Google everyone wants to know more about their favorite artist and when you search for “Baby Doll” on Google, what comes up is the addictive Sunny Leone top Google in India. Becomes the most searched personality. From here, the first brick of the process of becoming a sexual beast of a normal human being is laid.

The feelings and emotions that the producer-director incites to join the “hundred crore” earning club of the film, can only be satisfied by at most one or two crore people out of a billion population, legitimately or with the consent of the girl. There are millions, if not millions, of people left the feelings aroused by Kar will be extinguished by searching for a helpless girl alone in a street like Bangalore. These people are looking for young children and every soul that is weak and cannot resist. The genie out of the bottle does not go back, but spreads around. Crore-grossing, sensational films will not stop being made.

With the cheapness of the internet, this obsession will increase and the force of lust will continue to find weakness every moment. Time demands that the weak should be made strong. In countries like India and Pakistan, martial arts should be made compulsory for girls, along with training in other methods of self-defense. Animals who violate the dignity of women of any religion, color or creed are treated like mad dogs.