How Do I Get Over My Insecurities?


Fear all these make a person paralyzed. We all want to show ourselves as having strong nerves, but somewhere these fears definitely become an obstacle in our way. Some people suffer from insecurities for their relationships and relationships, while many people worry about the future. Apart from this, people may be worried about many issues. But a general sensitivity to insecurities can also arise. In it man feels fear about every matter of life.

Weinji Yuan and Lei Wang of Peking University have researched general insecurity and considered its various aspects. The survey was conducted last year and has examined concerns related to food, employment, economic conditions, health, medicine, traffic and various public accidents. Essayists have suggested a very simple solution to this problem, and that is that people should try to increase their positive mood. If you are wondering what will happen, then the answer is that with a positive attitude, you will not associate a negative outcome with yourself, but you will try to understand it by connecting it to an external aspect.

You will try to handle things better instead of blaming yourself. Additionally, positive thoughts are good for a person’s mental health. They teach him to be alert in difficult and stressful situations and also help him to solve problems better. At the same time, it is important to remember that a positive attitude may not last long in the face of real fears. After a time it decreases. Subjects may be hindered by disposition. One of them is that such fears, which are removed by positive thinking but still exist in some corner of the mind in an imperceptible way, can cause anxiety.

In such cases, it can be helpful to associate these fears with external objects. In this regard, he also conducted a survey of people, which proved that associating these things or issues with external things devalues ​​insecurities. This does not necessarily mean putting the entire responsibility on other people, but it is also not okay to hold yourself unnecessarily responsible. Just keep your thoughts positive and the fears will disappear by themselves.

Written by: Morgh Ghazi