Love and Relationships

We acquire many invaluable talents and qualities in life which are born before we are born into the world. Such as the flowing river of love and the relationships that give a sense of comfort and freshness in the shade of thick neem in the afternoons. But it is a pity that we break these priceless pearls with our own hands, we waste the free inheritance with our own hands. But why? The simple answer is because of your lack of intelligence, your stubbornness, your ego, your selfishness and your lack of understanding. It is not a big surprise! But we still don’t understand this easily because we believe in Ain Al-Iqeen and not in what we hear. And no, he himself is incomparably and completely involved and guilty. Habib John has been working at Willing Ways as an HR Manager since 2015, also monitoring the affairs of the Graphics and Web departments. You have done MBA (HR) from U-M-T. From the very beginning you had a deep interest in the arts, be it performing arts, music or literary events, you have always entertained your fans with your art in any such event.

At an early age, he performed a song from the platform of Radio Pakistan in Governor House Punjab and was awarded with cash and a certificate of appreciation by the Governor. Received musical training from Ustad Muhammad Ali from Al Hamra Art Council. During this time, he also showed the essence of his art in the dubbing of plays and Turkish dramas on television. Humans because mistakes are thin and it is a natural process to make mistakes, so when you fall from someone’s heart and your love becomes timeless and meaningless for others, or in other words, the atmosphere of trust in a relationship is now the same as before. What should we do in such a situation if it is not favorable and pleasant, mistrust and doubt start to dissolve in the foundations of these sacred relationships? Well, we can give an example of restoring any relationship, but especially when the relationship is between husband and wife.

See, first of all, when the reality dawns on the life partner that the relationship has broken, he has committed an infidelity which he did not expect, then he first goes through these conditions such as shock, There is anger, a sense of further loss, feelings are hurt, the lamp of expectations seems to be shattered, the hopes and joys associated with it become crunchy. In such a situation, he starts to think of himself as the most oppressed person in the world, cries and cries and expects a few words of sympathy by confiding in some of his friends. When he is a victim of this trauma, it is as if the creative faculties are destroyed because when this trauma affects the consciousness, the consciousness loses its ability to do its work effectively. Yes, but the unconscious mind continues to perform routine tasks.

In such cases, the first attempt to normalize oneself is to go through a phase of “recovery shock”. In this stage, it is intended to explain to myself that the accident that I have become a victim of today, which is not unknown, surprising, strange, has been happening to man since eternity. Evolution is the constitution of this eternal world, where there is always one season, one atmosphere and one heart-rending shade, here every moment, every hour, change and change are normal, see! He who steps on the threshold of youth today will have to travel alone on the stony roads of old age. Here the support of parents is lost, friends leave friends and go abroad, job goes away, and even your health deteriorates, so if your life partner becomes unfaithful, then understand that it is also possible that no adverse action has taken place. If we think to understand the heart that this system of the world is not in our hands but is being controlled by an “owner of the power of tomorrow”, then it will be understood very quickly. How do you want to run?

When this fact comes down in the heart, then we are mentally ready to choose which of these two paths? The first positive step is whether to rebuild the broken relationship, the second negative step. As to make it look like a hurricane to further scatter it? First we talk about the positive step, when you are mentally prepared, the first and most important point is that I have to restore my lost respect in the heart of my life partner, it was my pleasure that I have to get back, that a lost place is to be restored in the heart. To decorate your life partner, your journey partner back in the mirror of your heart that someone has stolen, taken away or has accidentally strayed. On this occasion, many whispers, concerns surround the heart, like now that I have lost the previous trust, how will I be able to get that respect and place in the heart?

According to the poet, I make intentions, I think, I break them.

But at such a time, if you make up your mind, go towards your noble goal, take it as a challenge or a campaign and do what your mind tells you and not your heart, then you will see that the hug will survive. will not be able to keep and you will gradually move in the right direction by turning your affairs towards rehabilitation and it is hoped that in the near future you will be able to regain your proud position of Biharan, the lost position. Will along with this, if you follow a few precautions and advices, then the chances of going astray on the way to the destination will disappear and the dawn of the destination will begin to herald the new dawn.

First: Remove from your mind the illusion that the relationship that existed in the recent past was right and ideal at that time, if it was ideal then why this rift happened. Of course, at some point, things started to get tense, which gradually reached the point where the situation came to an end.

Second: It can have bilateral convulsions. This relationship will have to be revised somewhere which will lead to this deterioration.

SWIM: In this phase you restore trust from your broken relationship, it is not an easy task, use your creativity with an open heart and examine your situations and events, explore your past to find out what happened. What did us or I do wrong in the past, how it happen and then also rated it. You will find that you will find yourself at fault somewhere.

Therefore, when it has been decided that the partner guilty of infidelity should be brought to the right path, then in anger, whatever the partner feels like doing, he should reverse it. If you have the heart to doubt, mention the good memories, his favors, favors and love in the good days spent together. He should feel happy and refreshed by having you near him. That is, if you always taunt, insult, embarrass, criticize and at some point even if you have not committed any new crime, you renew the old crime, then this behavior is not right. Such a spouse will not return to the heart, but repeat in the heart that if such an opportunity comes to me, I will not let it go, I will definitely take advantage and restore my broken relationship. There is no need to make sacrifices or martyr loyalty for this. One thing to be aware of is that wounded comrades are not in a position to trust easily.

While the perpetrator of infidelity has a great desire to trust me blindly. Therefore, trusting should not be required nor should this act be prevented. Trust is either there or it isn’t. Let it flow naturally and don’t ask for it from a partner. You will see that things will automatically start coming back on track. Whenever the feeling of being a failed life partner hits you, keep in mind that there is a very small percentage of marriages that avoid accidents and end up in the category of successful marriages. Well, it is generally believed that these husband and wife are living happily, but this is not the case, almost ninety percent of marriages are full of sorrow and pain, and to make them happy, especially women should be skilled in this art. Need have like, what are the mysteries of married life, the requirements? How to fulfill them? They should be learned because they are not taught before marriage.

How to maintain a good relationship with your in-laws and parents? We should learn to treat relationships as a treasure, a high value, every relationship we get in life has some demands even if you are a lowly employee. Men are more sensible in such matters Protest against women. Men either leave their spouses or remarry them. They do not live in an intermediate state. On the other hand, the common perception that men are born unfaithful is not at all true. This can be the case with both. If you say that men are like that, then men are also doing it because of the desire of a woman, on the other side of the matter, there is a woman who is attracting the man towards infidelity. The second step that leads to the negative path, remember if you travel along this journey, then you will never be able to move forward in life, that is, success will be further away with every step you take, contrary to your desire. Although everyone is free to make their own decisions.

But if your health ever fails or someone gets diabetes, would you want to cut your body and throw it away? The bottom line is that you’ll want to heal the diseased part again. Same is the case with spouse. But if one withdraws from the restoration of relationship, one becomes cut off from others. He may lose interest in life which is a reflection of a very inappropriate and weak mind. Those who have such thoughts will not have faith in anyone else, so they will leave him too, and then this cycle will continue. In some cases, the life partner brazenly considers himself guilty and does not want correction, then it falls under the category of theft and brazenness, which means one is a mistake and the other is an admission without remorse. The solution of such cases is not possible with words, soft and gentle. No one else has influence. Family means parents, wife, children, siblings, etc.