Marijuana and Mental Health

Many people who use marijuana see it as a harmless substance that helps them stay calm, an addictive substance that, unlike alcohol and cigarettes, can be good for physical and mental health. In contrast, recent research suggests that it may be a significant cause of psychiatric illness in individuals who are genetically at risk. Shahzad Rehmat is serving in Sadaqat Clinic Lahore as Assistant to Director. He joined Sadaqat Clinic in 1998 after graduation and is still serving here. He also conducts group counseling and sessions with patients on the disease concept, relapse, recovery and the 12-step program of Narcotics Anonymous. This article is about research on the effects and mental health of marijuana use and is for anyone who is concerned about the issue.

We hope this article helps people make an informed decision about whether or not to use marijuana. Cannabis steva and Cannabis indica belong to a family of plants called nettle that have been growing wild around the world for centuries. Both plants have been used for many purposes such as its fiber is used to make rope and cloth, as a medicinal herb and as a popular recreational drug. The extract of this plant is like black or black raisin which is called Bhang, Ganja, and Hashish etc. While it’s dried leaves are called grass, marijuana, weed etc. Skunk is a relatively potent strain of marijuana that is grown specifically for its powerful mind-altering compounds. It is so named because of the pungent pungent odor it emits while growing.

There are hundreds of other varieties of marijuana known by different names. Common marijuana comes in many varieties depending on the intensity of the addiction, so it is difficult to say which strain is being used on any given occasion. By smoking marijuana, more than half of its psychoactive components are absorbed into the bloodstream. These compounds accumulate in fatty tissues throughout the body, so they take a long time to be eliminated from the body through urine. This is the reason why marijuana can be identified fifty-six days after its use. According to England’s Investigative Committee, 95% of people suffering from mental illness are addicted to alcohol.

When the French Minister of Health published the number of deaths from alcohol, the newspapers said that this number was shocking. In this broadcast, it was reported that excessive consumption of alcohol was leading to an increase in deaths and the death toll was 20,000. The chairman of the International Committee on Alcohol said that 25 percent of car accidents and 57 percent of motorcycle accidents in France are the result of excessive alcohol consumption. In 1870, the loss of life and property as a result of alcohol consumption was more than the losses caused by this war. For those who take alcohol as a pleasure and pleasure, it is a poison to them. It makes them age prematurely. It destroys half of their life, their bodies are constantly attacked by weaknesses and diseases.

In French hospitals, 40 percent of illnesses are attributed to alcohol consumption. 50% of mental patients in nursing homes suffer from mental illness due to the use of narcotic substances. In children’s hospitals in France, 50 percent of children’s illnesses are due to their parents’ alcohol addiction. 60% of French court costs are related to alcohol. French government coffers cost hospitals, nursing homes, banks 325 euros a year due to alcohol consumption. Alcoholism causes many human deaths. 55% of deaths in men and 30% in women are due to alcohol consumption. 95% of child killers are addicted to alcohol. 60% of dysfunctional youth are born to alcoholic parents. An investigative committee of special representatives of various countries announced that, economically, the consequences of alcohol are also dangerous, research has shown that (in addition to personal losses) it costs the government 128 euros.

Thus, 10 Euros are spent on hospitals, 40 Euros on cooperation, 60 Euros on courts and prisons, 17 Euros on police, and 11 Euros on the government treasury, which is reduced by consumption of raw grapes and alcohol. Only 53 million Euros is generated by the sale of France. A few days ago it was announced to take drastic measures to prevent alcoholism in Russia. This move has been made to address the effects of growing alcoholism in Russia. According to a report, alcohol consumption is more harmful than heroin. Among the authors of the report is Professor Davidant, who was sacked by the government in October 2009. The report mentions the harms of twenty types of drug use. In which the harms of tobacco and cocaine are exactly the same. While the disadvantages of STC and LSD are relatively less than them. Professor Nutt did not stop working on the subject of drugs even after he was dismissed from his official position.

He formed an independent scientific committee on drugs, which assessed the physical and mental harms of all types of drugs, as well as their effects on addiction, related crime, and the economy. After research it was revealed that heroin, cocaine and methyl Amphines are very harmful to humans. But alcohol is more dangerous than heroin and cocaine. When the harms from both types of addiction were combined, the greatest harms came from alcohol, followed by heroin and cocaine. There is strong evidence that people with mental illnesses such as depression and psychosis are more likely than people with current or past marijuana use. Regular marijuana use doubles the risk of psychosis or schizophrenia. Marijuana can cause depression and schizophrenia or be used as a medicine by people with these problems.

Research over the past few years has shown that there is a clear link between marijuana use and later mental health problems among genetically predisposed individuals, and that marijuana use among young people is more common. There is more risk than three major studies conducted over several years on large numbers of people found that marijuana users were more likely to develop schizophrenia than other people. If you start using it before the age of fifteen, you are four times more likely to develop psychosis by the time you reach the age of twenty-six. It seems that the more marijuana a person uses, the more likely they are to develop these symptoms. Adolescents are particularly vulnerable to harm from marijuana use, which may be related to brain development. Even in adolescence, the brain continues to develop until the age of 20 and the extraordinary process of ‘neural pruning’ continues.

It’s like arranging a complex crowd of electrical circuits to work more efficiently. Any experience or substance that affects this process can cause long-term psychological effects. A recent study in Europe and the UK found that people with a family history of mental illness and who are genetically predisposed to these problems are more likely to develop schizophrenia if they use marijuana. Chances are high. A recent study in Denmark found that marijuana use can indeed cause psychosis. It is a short-term psychotic illness that starts with the use of marijuana, but also disappears very quickly if the use is stopped. But the disease is rare, with only about a hundred new cases a year in all of Denmark.

Marijuana has some of the properties of addictive substances, such as tolerance, which is the need to use more marijuana after a while to get the same high. Cravings, loss of appetite, sleep disturbances, weight loss, aggression and/or anger, irritability, restlessness, strange dreams, etc. Marijuana use is harmful for 15% of people, but for those who don’t adapt, it has a very bad effect. A person suffering from cannabis disease needs regular treatment which is done on an indoor basis which requires the help of a doctor and a psychologist. Choosing a good treatment center for treatment is very important.