The Christy Intervention: A True Story

This intervention is based on the story of a 24-year-old girl who is suffering from alcohol and crystal meth addiction and needs an intervention in this regard. This is a familiar episode of Intervention. Christie’s story is based on unforgettable scenes (which are fueled by alcohol and meth addiction) such as nudity, unique hallucinations and irrational behavior. Christy has been addicted to crystal meth for the past ten years, she took alcohol with it to balance the effect of the meth Christy had been using drugs and alcohol for three days without sleeping. Christy’s father, Armando, was shocked to see his daughter using alcohol and drugs. Halima Noon is a psychologist at Sadaqat Clinic and Willingways. He has done MS in Clinical and Counseling Psychology from Beacon House National University Lahore. He served as a Trainee Psychologist in the Department of Psychiatry at Jinnah Hospital, Mayo Hospital and Fatima Memorial Hospital.

He has worked a lot on CBT during his training. His MS thesis was published on “Current Trends of Materialistic Values ​​and Compulsive Buying”. She is also a certified Reiki Practitioner from Ejaz Psychiatric Institute. Halima Noon is also a professional artist. According to Willingways’ Dr. Sadaqat Ali, moth amphetamines affect the brain and increase energy, mood, and feelings of happiness, as well as maintaining alertness and the ability to engage in sustained activity. . The release of the neurotransmitter “dopamine” makes the effect of methamphetamine pleasurable. Dopamine plays an important role in pleasure, motivation and motor function. Research has shown that dopamine is not released as much by food, sex, and pleasurable activities as by taking methamphetamine, and that release can be up to twelvefold.

Christy used to have a loving and outgoing personality, and now her addiction has turned her into a completely different girl, one that even her family doesn’t accept. According to her mother, “I don’t know. What has she become now? Meth use leads to “meth psychosis”. In Math psychosis, Christie began to believe herself to be the sister of Jesus and the devil, and in some scenes of the episode, she was shown walking around naked. Used to keep empty bottles of alcohol near him and later proved that he was God. A person seeking treatment for alcohol addiction should be knowledgeable about the disease and all the symptoms that are caused by alcohol. In addition, he needs emotional support to become aware of how alcohol and drugs have affected his life and that of his loved ones. It requires understanding, compassion and extensive professional support. An intervention is an educational process conducted by a professional in a face-to-face meeting with close friends and family members.

People suffering from addiction often suffer from self-delusion and are unwilling to seek treatment. Therefore, the intervention provides awareness about alcohol and drug related problems. When Christie was nine years old, her parents would separate and she began to live a life without restrictions, and during this time she became very different, and her mother reported that “something had been taken away from her” after the divorce. Christy’s mother moved elsewhere with Christy and her younger sister. According to Christie’s half-brother, “As Christie got older, she “Began hanging out with friends who used drugs.” He started taking crystal meth at the age of fourteen. When she started taking alcohol and crystal meth, her career as a dress designer began to shine. By the age of sixteen, she was using crystal meth three to four times a week, which led to a marked change in her behavior, and she was in grade ten.

She began arguing with her family after her mother found out about her drug use. Christy’s behavior worsened to the point that her mother let her go. By the time she was using crystal meth three to four times a week, her behavior had changed significantly and she was in grade ten. She began arguing with her family after her mother found out about her drug use. Christy’s behavior worsened to the point that her mother let her go. By the time she was using crystal meth three to four times a week, her behavior had changed significantly and she was in grade ten. She began arguing with her family after her mother found out about her drug use. Christy’s behavior worsened to the point that her mother let her go. At the age of eighteen, Christie moved in with her father in Los Angeles. There, Christy began to panic and spent the entire night there. It was then that things got out of control and he started living in a rented house. The episode shows how he was pampered by his family, especially his father. Also lost the sales job.

Later he started working as a stripper. There came a time when she did not have money to buy alcohol so she would tell men to buy it from me. A scene in the episode also showed that her living conditions were becoming very poor and unorganized. Done. Her father became very afraid that in this way she would end up on the road from where it would be difficult to return. His sister also tried to explain him but she also failed. Eventually her father decided to pull Christy out of the situation and her family decided to seek the help of an interventionist. The knowledge and experience of a drug interventionist is very important. When an addict does not listen to his loved ones and friends, he is in self-deception.  Based on the Christie Celia 2006 intervention, this episode is very memorable in history for Christie’s use of illegal drugs.

According to Los Angeles County Superior Court records, Christie was convicted of burglary, a crime against public peace. According to the latest news, she also gave birth to a boy. If an addict is not fully committed to a sober life, the results of improvement are also reduced. But if he has strong social support and good treatment, the outcome is better. The interventionist can only guide you through the interventionist process, but the addict is not forced. Interventions are effective only when performed by a trained and experienced person. Many interventions are successful, but in some cases, the addict refuses to seek help, but later comes back and is willing to seek help. Good results only the longer the treatment depends on duration. Recovery is a process that takes time and patience so keep trying to succeed. Willing Ways is a successful and outstanding institution in the field of drug treatment and counseling.

Here, people are trained to change bad habits like drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling, suicide prevention and running away into good ones, and how to deal with it if a family member is engaging in self-destructive behavior. Intervene. We started this work in 1979 when Pakistan was suddenly hit by heroin. We bravely took up the responsibility of creating awareness among people that addiction is a curable disease at any stage and today we are proud to be a trusted leader in the field of addiction treatment not only in Pakistan but also in USA, UK and Europe. They are also our patients. Here patients are treated scientifically and this is the secret of our success.

We work closely with our patients to keep our team and program up-to-date with the latest developments. This program is not only limited to the patient but also works on the family. The main objective of this program is to create an atmosphere of peace in the family. This program is designed to meet the needs of the patient. Our organization consists of a highly qualified team with academic credentials as well as vast knowledge about everything. Our team includes medical specialists, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and counsellors. We are treating this disease through innovative research and methods, our mission is to prevent, treat and manage addiction to free the world from the disease and its complications.