If You Leave, How Do You Leave?

Today’s topic is not something that should surprise or disturb because every day it is mentioned in one way or another, its effects reach us and we know ourselves as Salam al-Fahm and a sophisticated personality, sometimes for a moment. They don’t even stop to find out if it is really full of the list of dangers and harms that the cigarette they carry around in their pockets and feel proud to adorn their mouths with. Habib John has been working at Willing Ways as an HR Manager since 2015, also monitoring the affairs of the Graphics and Web departments. You have done MBA (HR) from U-M-T. From the very beginning you had a deep interest in the arts, be it performing arts, music or literary events, you have always entertained your fans with your art in any such event. At an early age, he performed a song from the platform of Radio Pakistan in Governor House Punjab and was awarded with cash and a certificate of appreciation by the Governor. Received musical training from Ustad Muhammad Ali from Al Hamra Art Council.

During this time, he also showed the essence of his art in the dubbing of plays and Turkish dramas on television. The list of smoking’s harms continues to grow with each new study, and on the other hand, it is the horse’s mouth of youth that with every passing moment hundreds of children gallop to peer into this dark world as they take their first puff. Then they slide into it, sink into it. Those who step on the threshold of many deadly diseases before they can fully enjoy the colors of their life. About 5 million people die every year due to smoking. After a recent research, it was found that nicotine is the chemical that people smoke cigarettes for, while there are 3999 other chemicals that are unnecessarily consumed with it. The ones they don’t want to drink include smoke, tar, and 60 chemicals that are carcinogens. It is true that the common people think that nicotine does not cause cancer, but the other chemicals going in with it can cause cancer.

It also increases the chances of heart attack and stroke. Nicotine is a poison and four times more potent than arsenic. Smoking causes blood clots to form in the arteries of your brain, and these clots can be fatal and even disabling. The tobacco plant contains many chemicals and that is why animals do not eat it while humans consume it with great enthusiasm. Along with reducing the number of cigarettes you try to increase the time and duration of days like I will smoke only two cigarettes today or after a day break I will smoke as many cigarettes as I want but at least today no! If you are not able to keep the promise set by yourself, don’t curse yourself at all, but convince yourself again that if not this time, I will fulfill this promise in the next attempt. Completely or partially withdraw from the company of such friends and at the same time convey to them that your cooperation will be of great help in accomplishing my purpose. Even if I ask for a cigarette, be sure to inform me of my commitment before giving it to me.

Make friends with people who have quit smoking and they will give you useful advice on how they got rid of it. Be sure to inform the family at home about this good intention so that they can make it possible for you not to have any cigarettes around you and also encourage you. One thing to keep in mind is that the odorless tobacco should never be kept in the mouth as some people do, it increases the risk of mouth cancer. If willpower is not successful, then in the light of the doctor’s advice, choose a method that suits you, such as replacement therapy, nicotine patches, chewing gum, lozengezia nasal spray, etc. In the same way, it is possible with some medicines such as Zai Ban. Quitting smoking also has some side effects such as irritability, lack of enjoyment in life, mood and mood disorders. So find some more fun things in life. The hard time is for a week, but some can be longer.

But when you go to alternative therapy, it doesn’t make you want too much. Never be afraid of failure but focus on it and think towards success. Never curse yourself for relapse, usually the first attempt is not successful but after four or five attempts the results start to be seen. It is not good to make a hasty wish that I will quit smoking now, but to decide that I will quit is much better. There is a famous saying that smokers never grow old. Because long before they step on the threshold of old age, they have stepped into another world away from this lively, colorful world, from which they themselves never come, but their loved ones only come to haunt their memories. Love life for yourself and for others!