Ten Children Cannot Handle One Parent

An elder B called out to her old husband saying “AG will listen to this cupboard opening not open”. The old husband went ahead and tried to open it but was not very successful. His young son stepped forward, gave a little push, the door opened easily. He exasperated: “Hey that was a tough job too.”

Father smiled and said

“Remember son?”

When you were a child and tried to open the door of the house. I would deliberately, help you open the door slowly so that you would think that you had opened the door yourself so that you would gain confidence and not have your heart broken.  And increase your courage. Hearing the words of the father, the young son became fascinated and tears began to flow from his eyes. Similarly, once an old father asked his son, “What is the name of the new car you have bought?”

The son said “Hinda”. A few hours later, the old father forgot the name of the car, so he asked again. The son was surprised and said, “It’s Abu Hinda!” Before going to bed at night, the father again asked what name was given. Now the young son couldn’t control himself and angrily said, “How many times should I tell you, Hina Hina Hina?” The father became silent, took out a 30-year-old notebook from the cupboard and told his son, “Just read this page.” The son started reading the badal unwanted page which read “Today is my very happy day because my son said the word bird for the first time and said to me 25 times.

Baba what is he ki hai and I said 25 times with joy and happiness. He answered, “Speak, son, sparrow, sparrow, and sparrow.”

The young son would read each word in amazement and tears would flow from his eyes. Millions of salutations to this mother who, whenever the food on the table starts running low, the first person who says “I am not hungry today” is the mother. During pregnancy, when the child elbowed or kicked the mother’s stomach, she would happily tell everyone. But the children don’t have time to press his feet before going to bed tonight. I wish it was possible. Life begins at the end, when you get the embrace of your mother when you die and her sweet lullaby when you die.

Parents who teach children to walk with a sincere heart? But what a strange thing that children are shy while holding their wheelchair? Has anyone really said that well? “One parent can take care of ten children but ten children cannot take care of one parent.