Self-Confidence – Composite Components

A confident personality leaves a very pleasant impression on human senses. In order to have such a confident personality, it is very important to have self-confidence in a person. In this article, along with self-reliance, we will also describe in detail the qualities that make up a confident personality, which are self-awareness.

  • Confidence
  • Optimism
  • Self-reliance
  • Refrain from seeking the approval of others all the time

Now let’s see their details


Dr. Robert Anthony in his book Truth is sheer awareness.

The ultimate secret to complete safe confidence.

“You are only as aware of yourself as the truth you can accept about yourself,” I write. This means that you can only improve yourself as much as you are aware of the truth and your mistakes. What actually happens is that we make some wrong assumptions which become strong in us to the extent of faith. If these are corrected, we can bring positive change in ourselves.

The need for awareness arises when a person is exposed to some situations from which his self-confidence begins to shake. If a person reaches such a situation, then Dr. Robert Anthony says that this method should be adopted step by step in order to avoid the breakdown of self-confidence, which it is. Stop thinking of proving yourself right or wrong. Take a look at your body, your thoughts come first, then your hopes, your goals, etc. Identify your true needs, see what the root of your motivations is. Learn to trust your intuition. Correct your mistakes. Love yourself and others. Get out of any preconceived notions and try to listen to what is being said above who is talking or what must be believed. Note what you speak most in favor of. Keep in mind that these new avenues of awareness will have a positive impact on your life. All in all, you have to set goals of self-awareness to improve yourself.


When circumstances arise that make belief go awry, the belief we have in God, in science, or in any philosophy we believe to be true, is affected. After doing one’s part, believing in Allah or one’s hard work is a means of improving the situation. Whenever any effort or effort of yours seems small and courage starts to fail, always remember that

Firm belief, action, love, conqueror in the world of jihad, these are the swords of men.

To be optimistic, it is also necessary for a person to be optimistic for confidence, for that, it should be done that the logical solution to the problem should be worked one by one, so that if one solution does not work. So one or two of the rest will do. Doing so will increase your chances of success.

All those who have grown up in this place have climbed from the bottom to the top.


is the killer of self-reliance, thinking that the next person is better than me. If this thinking is changed, man starts doing his own work without considering himself as inferior. After that, when a person gets success, his self-reliance and self-esteem graph is raised. A verse of the same fact has been described in Paraya.

Get up, gird your loins, what are you afraid of then see what God does.

We should always try to do more than we can and let others do whatever they want. This increases confidence. Prohibition of others, do not want to do such things that you forget the real work and become responsible for asking people for their consent, you must make your decisions in consultation with people, except those who are experts in their work. There’s a difference between asking for advice and asking people for advice all the time. Seeking support or consent all the time is frustrated, while the advice-seeker never gets tired and continues to benefit.