Mastery of Conversational Skills

Formal conversation is called small talk in English language. Whenever an addict goes through his or her rehab experience, formal communication is difficult for the first few weeks as he or she spends these weeks learning how to change his or her behavior. A simple solution to this problem is to get a little information on the following topics and incorporate it into your daily conversation. The most common and frequently emerging topics that are not only for recovering addicts, but for everyone in everyday conversation are suggestions such as the weather movie. And drama, sports, news. Now let’s look at some ways to master these topics.


Get into the habit of noting the weather. Being fully present, see if today is sunny or cold, or the weather is pleasant. Then in the same way you can add spontaneity to these sentences/questions. As the weather is getting very pleasant today, isn’t it? It was very hot today, I don’t know how Ramadan will pass? If you add the aspect of humor to it, then the talk will be nice and dull, like this cloud in such a cold weather is not the result of your prayer?

Drama serials promoted by film and drama media are in every special and general language. For them, you can visit Humtv.Com or any drama channel website and see the titles of drama serials, their actors’ names and Look at the story and start watching them sometimes. It is not necessary to watch all of them, just watch any one you like. That way you can have a topic to discuss the role and the story.


If you are a person who has no passion for sports, don’t worry you are not alone. Give at least 5 minutes a day to a sports website. Then see the difference in a week. Basically there are 3 major sports, football, cricket,tennis, grid pre-race, basketball, hockey, wrestling, rugby and many other sports. Be able to speak openly about your point of view.


Is the easiest and most common topic to discuss and discuss news, nowadays due to the abundance of news channels it is the easiest topic and then after watching some talk shows one can discuss with analysis. TV is enough for this but newspaper will also prove effective. A total of 45 minutes of practice can improve your communication skills. The status quo, the exhaustion of the path and many other topics on which the conversation can depend.