Ups and Downs of Life

From the birth of a person to his death, the name is life, during which various events take place in his life, including thousands of joys and thousands of sorrows, during this life he also makes many intentions and decisions. is, he also acts on them and sometimes he backs away from them even after making a decision. He takes judgment in moments and sometimes he lives his life in isolation from the world.

As the age increases, a person realizes that life is not as good as it seemed, there are very few people who live their lives fighting problems while there are some who suffer sorrow. They come to the threshold where their immune system reacts prematurely and they are not able to bear a big grief or even a small grief. On the one hand, they are great decision makers but there comes a time in their life when they think not 10 times but even a thousand times to make a small decision. They fear and fear, life wears them out prematurely and a weariness that no medicine, no consolation, and no nights of sleep go away. From childhood to youth, middle age and then old age It teaches a person everything that he may never have wanted to learn but there are some people who do not need old age to learn different kinds of lessons but the world takes them on the threshold of old age in their youth. Hafeez Jalandhri has said correctly; I make intentions, I think, I break them.

Sometimes it doesn’t happen, sometimes it doesn’t happen. In life, we are looking for days when everything is good or we dream that there will be no more problems and everything will continue to be fun. No worries. But it doesn’t happen, challenges come in life, the name of ups and downs is life, it is to be seen whether when challenges come, we get crushed under them, our personality, which is strength in us gets suppressed. is reduced or there is some hope hidden somewhere in these difficulties, an opportunity is waiting for us which we find and take advantage of it.

Hearing the stories of fairies and kings in our childhood, we start to live in this belief and we think that everything is good, but with the passage of time and experiences, we realize that not every story has a happy ending, and Life is as happy and smooth as it seems in these stories. There are good and bad days in life, sometimes we don’t even enjoy our beautiful days because we leave those moments and run after dreams for the future, for example dreams about the success of our children or the dream of building a small house for ourselves after retirement, these desires often stop us from enjoying the good times.

Although we are not promised that there will always be prosperity in life or there will always be bad times. We assume that everything in life will be green and everything will be good, but it doesn’t happen. We have to face both good and bad days, now it depends on us how we deal with crisis and bad situations. When you already have a crisis in your life , you should try to deal with it effectively rather than getting confused and creating more problems for yourself.

Instead of the emotional aspect, one should look at the seriousness of the issues and find a solution by keeping the logical aspect in front. Sometimes we wait for a miracle in our life, and we don’t use our own abilities and start living waiting for a messiah, like some women wait for a prince. He will come sitting on a white horse. Instead of hoping for miracles , we should do something practical .

It is actually ourselves who make life better and worse , where small mistakes sometimes create big mountains for us which take our whole life to cross, so we should do it in a proper way , in the desire for more. Don’t throw yourself and family in comparison with others, but let’s spread our feet as much as our cloak allows, then life will be boring and not restless!

Written by: Hafsa Shahid Clinical Psychologist
Views: Dr Sadaqat Ali