Don’t Eat Pizza Today

Wife: Don’t take out too many clothes to wash today.

Husband: Why?

Wife: Working aunt will not come for two days

Husband: Why?

Wife: She is going to her daughter’s place to meet her granddaughter, she was saying that she will not come for two days.

Husband: Ok, won’t take out more clothes.

Wife: And yes!!! Should I give five hundred rupees to my aunt?

Husband: Why? Eid is coming now, then we will give it.

Wife: Oh no dad!! Poor thing, she is going to her daughter and granddaughter, so she will like it and take some for her granddaughter too. Her daughter and granddaughter will be happy too. Anyway, what will happen to his salary in this era of inflation? She is going to her relatives, she will be happy if she has something in hand.

Husband: You are getting too emotional, I don’t think it is necessary.

Wife: Don’t worry, I won’t ask you for extra money. I cancel today’s pizza plan. Even though 500 rupees will fly by, I find it better to help with eight slices of this thick bread pizza.

Husband: Wow, wow Begum what do you say!! Taking the pizza from our mouths and putting it on our aunt’s plate? Let’s bear this too in your love.

Three Days Later

Husband: (asked the aunt with a handkerchief) Mom, how were the holidays?

Masi: Be very good sir. Malkin ji had given five hundred rupees and it came in handy. May Allah bless you and may Allah bless you abundantly.

Husband: Mother, what did you take for 500 rupees?

Masi: Took a frock of 150 rupees for the granddaughter and a doll of 40 rupees, took a pede of 50 rupees for the daughter, and shared jalebis worth 50 rupees in the neighborhood, 60 rupees was charged for rent. 25 rupees bangles for daughter and 50 rupees belt for son-in-law. I gave the remaining 75 rupees to my granddaughter to buy a copy and pencil. The whole calculation was written on his tongue while sweeping.

Husband: So much for 500 rupees??? He began to ponder in his heart in wonder. An eight-slice pizza started spinning in front of his eyes, he started comparing these eight slices to his aunt’s expenses. The first piece is for the girl’s dress, the second piece is for the child, the third piece is for the people of the neighborhood, the fourth is for the rent, the fifth is for the doll, the sixth is for the bangles, the seventh is for the son-in-law’s belt and the eighth is for the girl’s copy pencil. Until now, he had always looked at the top of the pizza, never turning around to see what the pizza looked like from the back. But today Cam Wali Masi had shown the other side of the pizza. Eight slices of pizza were considered to be the meaning of life. The modern meaning of life for life or life for life came to him in a flash.

We never think about these small things. For us, five hundred or thousand is not important, but these thousand and five hundred are a lot of money for the poor. That’s why sometimes you name small happiness that you don’t feel, see how you get great happiness.