Who is Greedy

Aslam and Shiraz are final year students in medical college. Aslam’s betrothed girl is the sole heir of a square plot of land and everyone calls Aslam greedy because he married after seeing the land. Shiraz is engaged to a medical student. Shiraz wants to specialize in surgery while has asked his fiancee to specialize in anesthesia. When Shiraz takes 15,000 for each surgery, his fiancĂ©e takes 5,000 for giving anesthesia to the same patient. In this way, the fiancee will easily earn 4 to 5 lakhs per month and more than 50 lakhs per year. All friends consider Shiraz to be wise, far-sighted and know the secrets of practice, no one calls him greedy. It should be remembered that the annual contract or profit of one square of fertile land from the dowry received by Islam will not be more than 12 lakhs.

Hamza married the daughter of a very wealthy Seth after completing his MBA from Limz to get Seth “son-in-law” set up in his business. Everyone taunts that she married because of the temptation to join her father-in-law’s business. Yasser is married to a divorced mother of one who is an American citizen. The temptation was to “get set” in America but some put it down to “reward” and some to the wisdom of “future planning”. When he went to America and did not get any job, his in-laws had to make Yasir “adjust” in his McDonald’s business, but still no one calls him greedy.

Rivers of wealth flowed in Badr Memon’s family, but to prevent the outflow of wealth, the entire family became short and oddly shaped by intermarriage. Badar Memon decided to marry the most beautiful girl in the college, who was the daughter of a chapadasi, so that the next generation would have some color. All over the college and the city there was a buzz of Lamb’s love for humans and poor charity.

Salim Billa was the most handsome boy in the college with brown eyes. Lived in a two-room quarter with a philandering father, ailing mother and eight siblings. There was no hope of getting a job as there was no recommendation. He was adored by the daughter of an imposing but very big businessman. Although Salim Bille did not like the girl, but still married her for the sake of wealth so that the conditions of the house could improve. Seeing their pair, the first word that came to everyone’s mind was “Greed”.

For years, the word greed has been associated with wealth and has been targeting a few people. However, greed is for anything that you don’t have. Politicians are tempted to associate their power with wealth while the middle-class people are tempted to associate with the sources of power by getting wealth from hard work. The one who has no respect wants to get respect through greed and those who are rich but nobody knows they marry sportsmen or artists for the sake of fame. If someone dies on beauty, resin drips on higher education. A girl is whisked away from her in-laws by a “single” boy, while another grumbles about the lure of a green card. The greed associated with the nature and attributes of human beings is wrapped in the mask of love, while the greed of wealth and wealth is presented naked. Greed is a bad thing though no one is immune from it. To acquire any “thing” or person, even if it is greed

Columnist: Rao Kamran Ali, MD